The Importance of having two layers or more of malware prevention


What do you mean layers?

An abstraction layer (or abstraction level) is a way of hiding the implementation details of a particular set of functionality. Software models that use layers of abstraction include the OSI 7 Layer model for computer network protocols, the OpenGL graphics drawing library, and the byte stream input/output (I/O) model originated by Unix and adopted by MSDOS, Linux, and most other modern operating systems.


It is like when you go outside on a cold winters day and you put on more than one layer of cloths to prevent yourself from freezing or getting too cold.   It can help protect your from getting a cold or loosing a limb.  This is the same philosophy I will be talking about today.

Isn’t one Antivirus software Enough?

I get asked this question every time that I help remove malware from someone’s system with either a free Antivirus software or a purchased software, and has been infected with malware.  Every Antivirus company will tell you in detail how they can never catch every new or old Trojans, Malware, or Viruses.   They will tell you how the Malware is constantly changing and evolving, and today’s updates might not catch tomorrows malware.

How can I go about having more protection?

This isn’t going to be a simple answer, depending on your understanding of your system.   You could do several things, like making your wireless network secure.   This can be one that is thinking outside of the box.   You will have to figure out how best to protect your system from malware.   Like I suggest using Firefox and not IE, a lot of times using Internet Explorer that Microsoft sends with it’s operating system can be a big reason for getting infected.  Firefox can help prevent the spread of some of the most common viruses and malware.

It also might be time to install a better firewall software and not even use the Windows Firewall.  With this I would like to suggest two of my favorites because they are so light weight and don’t weigh down the system to much.   These are ZoneAlarm Pro and Sunbelt Personal Firewall.  Though you only need one of these to help protect yourself and you will help know when a bad program is trying to access the internet and this two can help you identify if you have a virus or a rogue program.

What Antivirus Program do you Recommend?

I won’t say that I don’t favor AVG because of the light weight of the Antivirus.   I like AVG so well I install it in both my laptop and my wife’s laptop.   I will however tell you to go check out some of  ones that I have found to be really good on my Antivirus resource page.  I have a ton of stuff on that page to help you fight off malware and to keep your system in better shape.

Is there anything else I can do to protect my system?

I get this question a lot when I am help a customer out with malware, and I always come back to these few recommendations:

Buying either Malwarebytes Pro or SuperAntispyware Pro –  These are both cheap to buy but do a lot of good when it comes to having Real Time protection.   These two software do the same thing so, you would only have to buy one.   They prevent software from installing without your knowledge and are great tools for virus removal.  This also offers an additional layer of protection against malware.
Make sure you backup by using something like Carbonite –  I know most people will not have done this but if your systems dies, do you have a backup?   This is also important for people who have important documents that can not loose.   Some viruses like to attach to files so you should always have more than one copy of your important files, just in case.

Now I will say with all this protection you might still get a virus or malware on your system and this will help reduce the likelihood of getting an infection but it is ultimately up to the user to prevent this.  So no software will be 100% effective against malware or viruses but we can make it difficult for them to survive.

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