Online Marketing Strategies For Quick Money Making Ideas


A multitude of companies and webmasters are boosting their online sales using affiliate programs and you can join most of these affiliate programs for free. Here is an overview of how to start affiliate marketing for dummies.

After signing up for a few free affiliate programs you will be assigned a unique affiliate ID and an affiliate link. You are supposed to use that affiliate link to market the products of the merchant you are affiliating with. Whenever a visitor buys one of the merchant’s products through your affiliate link, then the merchant will pay you a commission.

If you thought about starting your own business, then consider following the steps below.

1. Research an affiliate program. Find out the products that are the most popular and also find out their conversion rate. Visit the merchant’s website to determine whether sales can be generated simply with their sales letters. A reasonably good conversion rate is usually 5%. This means that out of every 100 visitors on your merchant’s website, at least 5 of them will place an order.

2. Check to see if recurring commissions are offered by the affiliate program that you join so that they compound as you keep referring more customers every month.

3. You can promote an affiliate program even without a website. If you do not have a website and you want to promote your affiliate link, you can build a Squidoo lens, write ads or reviews on classifieds websites, post on blogs and/or forums, article marketing.

4. If you want to further increase your options to send potential buyers to your affiliate program, you may also create a blog to make money blogging. The best blog sites you create should contain content relevant to the merchant’s products. For instance, if your affiliate sells cosmetic products, you can write a review of the cosmetic products or create a video blog and posts videos on YouTube with your affiliate link to redirect viewers to the sales website.

5. For your website, you will have to drive targeted traffic in order to convince those visitors to make a purchase and earn affiliate commission. You will increase your likelihood of making sales if your website gets a lot of traffic.

In a short amount of time, you can draw a decent amount of traffic to your website by implementing the following online marketing strategies:

1. Pay-per-click Advertising: Plenty of targeted traffic can be directed to a website through popular PPC advertising programs like Google AdWords.

2. Article Marketing: There are many credible article directories on the Internet where you can submit articles related to the affiliate products you are promoting with your affiliate link in the article’s resource box.

3. Post Messages On Forums: You can easily find community forums related to the niche of your affiliate products. You can include your website’s link in your signature, which will be visible whenever you post a message on the forum.

4. Upload Video-to-YouYube: The most effective and quickest way in which you can show your targeted audience the benefits of your affiliate products in real time to build trust is by making video reviews of them. You can upload these video reviews on YouTube, with your website’s link in the description, and the videos will even rank in Google’s organic search as well.

If you don’t want to be bothered by doing that then you can make money on YouTube also by uploading videos for million dollar companies.

The Top Products that Can Be Sold as an Affiliate

For those looking for quick money making ideas by selling affiliate products, following are the top choices. Here are a few things to think about when searching for products that people will WANT to buy:

Current Events, Media: Look out for events, current trends, news and television. Observing advertisement and commercials is a plus. Whatever is ‘HOT’ will sell, even if for a short season.

Niche Products: If you know your niche and actively contribute to it, you know what products that you would buy. If you have a desire for it then someone else out there has the same interest.

Health & Fitness/ Vitamins and Anti-Aging Products: Area such as bodybuilding, weight loss products, and aerobics to name a few. Plus everyone hates to get old and those who are reaching an old age are in search of products that might help them defy old age and achieve a younger look. On the other hand, health-conscious individuals are always in search of vitamin supplements. Thus, the market for these products is quite large and targeting this market with an affiliate marketing program can prove to be fruitful.

Health Publications: Imagine being able to connect someone with a new product coming on stream to help them with chronic disease or diabetes.

Money: Making money, saving, investing, loans, insurance, retirement.

Travel: Tickets, hotels, car rental, travel books and info products.

How-to and Hobbies: Motorcycles & car repair, do-it-yourself, carpentry etc.

Music: Jazz, pop, classical, country, blues, inspirational, etc.

Auto Accessories: Automobiles have become a major requirement for the people of today. Men, in particular, love to accessorize their cars and spend a lot of money to buy auto accessories. Thus, even affiliates can make a huge amount of money by signing up to an affiliate marketing program that is based on selling auto accessories.

Cosmetics & Fashion: It is quite apparent that women tend to be rather conscious about their appearance and do not mind spending money to enhance their beauty. Cosmetics, therefore, make ideal affiliate marketing products. However, rather than going for general cosmetic products, those who want to become an affiliate and sell cosmetics should select one from a specialized niche, like mineral makeup. High fashion, accessories, apparel, shoes, hard to fit, etc.

Natural Products: Back in the 1960s, natural products gained a lot of popularity. Astonishing the demand for natural products has increased once again. Thus, natural clothing, cosmetics, food, vitamins or just about anything natural will make excellent affiliate marketing products.

Children’s Clothing and Toys: As long as there are children, there will always be a demand for children’s clothing and toys. Parents spend loads of cash to buy the best clothes and toys for their kids. Thus, substantial money can be made by selling children’s clothing and toys as affiliate marketing products.

Parties: Parties seem to be happening all around, whether its birthday parties or retirement parties or just about any other occasion. Thus, party ideas, decorations and other items seem to be essential for any party, all of which can be ideally sold as affiliate marketing products.

Self-Improvement Products: Jobs, friends and self-confidence are three things that people these days want to gain. Therefore, they will not mind spending on products that help them out to gain any of them. Thus, self-improvement products can also be ideally sold as a part of an affiliate marketing program.

Here is a quick list of a few free affiliate marketing programs and a place where you can get the best affiliate marketing companies training:

Commission Junction:
Amazon Associates:
Google Affiliate Network:

Here’s another quick tip in finding products using Google:-

Enter your keyword or key phrase in the search box and click the search button. Here is an example “weight loss products + affiliate”. Your search results should list retailers that sell weight loss products and also have an affiliate program. There are special training programs created to teach you even more strategies in finding product and discovering quick money making ideas.

Once you have found your desired product go ahead and start marketing.


Today, affiliate marketing is among the most popular online business models, and now that you know how to start affiliate marketing, you too can reap the fruits of an affiliate marketing business.

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