Types of Hosting


How to get my hosting plan?It is the first question which may you ask it to yourself when you start building a website/business online.

May you ask yourself another question: How can I choose the suitable plan?

It is a major question, but before answer you need to know more about hosting plan. Of course I mean the general knowledge, not the specific knowledge which specialists interest in.

1- Normal/Shared.

As you remarked from its name, it is share service between many users. This means for example John, Marten, Carla and so on, may on the same server. (Server is a big PC designed to be online 24/7/365 with high specification which it services you in your needs).

Of course when you search for this hosting plan you will not find it under name of Shared Hosting plan. On the opposite, you will find every thing as you wish. Unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly bandwidth/traffic, unlimited data bases, unlimited sub domains, unlimited add on domains plus one domain for free and more than you wish.

But, it is not true. Never think that package is unlimited. It is unlimited in certain cases. For example if you used a little space of server and never make a huge traffic or sending a mail campaign they will not object. But if you encroached a specific limit or ate a big area of server they will stop you. They will tell you that you are making over load on the server, then choose between paying for another plan or buy a dedicated server.

So, if you really want to benefit this service without troubles, use it in a wise way. Use it for small businesses not for huge one.

If you will make a huge project, never choose this way of hosting plan and think of others.

2- Dedicated

Dedicated in general means an exclusive disk space for you and I mean it well when I say it will be only for you. Dedicated service is a bright proof for the shared service. Because when you preview it you will find every specification is limit by numbers. And on the other side with shared service which it was “unlimited” in every thing.

How come that shared is unlimited and cheap, and dedicated is limited and expensive? I think it is clear for you now.

Dedicated in commercial use are several in spaces. But we can check it together. Let’s go to website like HostGator.com and check dedicated plans.

If you entered this website you will find three types of dedicated and they are the common in this type.

1- VPS.

2- Reseller.

3- Owning a private server.

1) VPS

Like Hostgator.com said: VPS Hosting is an ideal bridge between shared hosting and dedicated servers. You can start your huge business with this plan with all benefits of upgrading it any time and quickly in case of growing your business in future.

VPS is the abbreviation Virtual Private Server and it is means that you will take a space of server but it will be like an own server. He wants to prove that it will never affect your business/traffic.

2) Reseller

It is your way when you want to create a web hosting company. These packages will help you to start reserving and dividing hosting packages for you customer under your own brand name.

This way of business is very profitable and market is very thirsty day by day for this service. Just be a distinct and unique company/person.

3) Owning a private server

Dedicated server is an owned world of hosting service. In this type of plans you will actually rent an own server for you. The full manage will be yours. Setup is not more 24 hours. A lot of benefits like cPanel for free (this is in HostGator.com) and much more.

You may go to this type of business if you have a big company. This big company needs a privacy and security for its work online. Or may you are a reseller but his work had been grown over the reseller packages, so he turned to dedicated servers.

Simply, these were the type of hosting plan.

Now, you are aware of general or most famous hosting plans online, you are ready to choose your suitable plan.

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