Back Links are Steps to Build Traffic to Websites


You really have to love your subject or niche to effectively promote it. Even if you love it, you could end up being a bit sick of it after awhile. Think about it… part of driving targeted website traffic is pumping out content to external sources in an effort to get links back to your site.

Every back link created is a vote for your website. The best back links are contextual. Here is what I mean. This is an example of a contextual back link to drive traffic to websites. I embed the link into the anchor text and make it bold.

Another huge vote is to get that contextual backlink placed on a website with high page rank. If you want a golden nugget backlink, make it on a high PR site that is .edu or .org and in a relevant industry which is also a DO FOLLOW link. BAM!!!! You’ve got yourself a very valuable backlink and vote for your website. Now… keep doing that.

Do that over and over and after awhile you increase traffic to your website and experience a rise in page rank.

Getting back to why you have to love it and why you could end up getting sick of the process…. Building traffic to websites and getting back links requires you to write and create content over and over. Not just any content will do. It needs to be unique content to get the most bang for your buck and results for your effort. How many different ways can you talk about your niche? See… you have to narrow your focus enough to totally go after the niche market yet think broadly enough to crank out creative content. After awhile, you might not want to hear or talk about it anymore.

This is what will separate the dominate niche market players from the onlookers. The dominate players will push through and consistently crank out content that builds backlinks to drive web traffic.

Consistent and deliberate daily action is what it takes to master anything, even promoting traffic to your business website. So, how can you drive traffic to your site without getting sick of your niche market?

One way is to find a way to automate some tasks. The meat of the content really should come from you. You know your subject best. Automate spinning articles for one. Automate the submission processes for articles, videos, and things such as RSS feed creation. Outsourcing can work for a lot of people. You just want to be sure you follow up with that outsourced help. If your outsource help is writing content that makes no sense just to build irrelevant back links that adds no real value to the online community. If you want your online efforts to be successful and gain respect you should add value. This will help you gain a following which is key to building long term passive income from your websites.

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