What is your (mini) Business Harvest Strategy? Notes from an Entrepreneur Speaker


Many business owners and CEOs work very, very hard in pursuit of what I call “The Ultimate Harvest.” And well they should.

The Ultimate Harvest is that point off in the future where they’re finally able to enjoy all the fruits of their labors, their hard work, and the risks that they’ve put in the business. Perhaps they sell or they hand it off to someone else to manage or they franchise or they go public. Whatever it is, it’s that goal, that ultimate harvest that drives the business leader forward day-in and day-out.

As I travel the world as an entrepreneur speaker, I found out that there’s a problem with the ultimate harvest, though. Because they are not enjoying the fruits of their labors as they go along, entrepreneurs often end up being very depressed, discouraged and burnt-out.

What I’d like to offer to you are suggestions on how to set-up mini harvests along the way. I found these to be helpful among businesses I’ve helped as an entrepreneur speaker.

First is the yearly harvest. And the yearly harvest is that one event per year where you enjoy the fruits of your labors for the previous year. Perhaps it’s a big vacation with friends and family. Perhaps it’s a large investment in some hobby that you love and enjoy. Having that yearly target to work toward will help motivate you throughout the rest of the year.

Next is the monthly harvest. And the monthly harvest is more about celebration. It’s about taking a break, looking back at all your successes and even some of your failures over the previous month and taking a rest and then coming back renewed for the next month. So perhaps a small vacation or some sort of another event where you memorialize what happened in the previous month.

Next is the weekly harvest. And the weekly harvest deals primarily with hobbies. As an entrepreneur speaker, it’s shocking to me how often I ask my clients “What do you do for fun,” and they get a blank look at their face. So many business leaders have been working so hard day-in and day-out that they’ve forgotten how to have fun. So a weekly harvest is giving yourself a break at least once per week to enjoy just the fun things that you love to do.

And then finally the daily harvest. The daily harvest is an oasis in the middle of your day. It’s a time in your day where you could just take a break from all the work that’s going along and just relax, refresh your mind and your body. Perhaps you go for a walk or listen to music or even take a nap. Whatever it is, give yourself the ability to have a mini harvest each day as well.

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