Content Is King for SEO


In SEO over the past 10 years, the focus of what really works has changed a lot. 10 years ago your main and only focus was backlinks. This was important no matter what it is you want to do. Whether your site was a blog, forum, ecommerce or a company information page. Backlinks were the key to success. Which is why SPAM came about in the first place. Though now things are very different and you should keep this is mind when starting any website.

Oh the shame! You are going about this all wrong! Now don’t get me wrong spam does actually work and i’ve seen examples of people making 100 of thousands of backlinks and are able to rank a site within Google even for a competitive keyword. It has and can be done, though in all cases the website drops after the first month of it’s existence. It’s known these days as churn and burn sites which never have the intention of sticking around for long.

Yeah quality backlinks still work the same as they always did especially high pagerank links. These are what you should be obtaining first before deciding on what you should do next.

If you have never came across fake content then i’d be really surprised. I think we all have at some point in time, though chances were this was a few years ago if not longer. So what is fake content, basically it is created using different acronyms of the same words with in an article. In theory as the words have the same meanings behind them the article should make sense no matter what the sentence might be saying. Though this is far from true and a tell tale clue in fake content. In some cases you might think that maybe someone who wrote the article didn’t use their original language and may have got a bit mixed up. Which would probably be more that case these day’s if you found fake content.

You really need to do you own research on this and it is so easy to do. Start doing some google search’s and reading the page 1 results. You will soon see that only quality content with meaningful information appears. I think the phrase content is king was strung together a fair few years ago but the phrase has only became more and more apparent.

As I was saying earlier on in this article, no matter what your website is these days content is king. Especially if you want to compete against your competition. Aiming for one or a handful of keyword search’s for your website will only ever bring in so many potential customers, visitors. You need to branch out and let everyone know you are the master to your specific website audience. The only way of doing this is by telling people. So let’s say hypothetically you own a lawnmower company. On your website you are selling lawnmowers and bits for lawnmowers. You need to have a blog where you are telling people all about your products in some way or another. Of coarse that information needs to be useful so what I would do is write tutorials on how to replace parts of your visitors lawnmowers with the bits that you sell on your site. This is not only going to help you branch out with useful information in Google but will also be wonderful customer service. After all no customer wants to buy a replacement part to find they are going to struggle to replace the parts. So with that all said and done, stop thinking of the easy way of doing things as this will actually become a lot harder and more importantly pointless in the long run. If you don’t believe me then go do a few Google search’s to quickly validate my point.

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