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SEO (search engine optimization) is possibly the single most important thing you can do to increase the effectiveness of your site. At the end of the day, there isn’t much that’s more valuable to your website than good SEO.

Cool Bikes SEO Services:


When a prospective client searches the web, they are essentially asking a question. The search engine is there to provide the best answer. Sure, there are short cuts, but ultimately the most reliable way to get a high ranking is to be the best answer to the question. A big part of that is having quality content, but the other key is to make it clear to the search engine what information you are offering. How to do it? It’s takes an overarching strategy, bringing together several different pieces.



Somewhere out there in the great big wide world there’s a poor soul who desperately needs your services. They’re looking everywhere, searching high and low, for a company just like yours that they can give their hard-earned money to. But they can’t find you! Another missed opportunity. Simply put, you want to be where they can see you. You can have a big beautiful website, but if it’s not optimized for the keywords that your audience is using, you might as well be invisible.


Even the best, well-written, well-researched content, with the shiniest commas and fanciest semicolons still needs SEO consideration. What’s the difference? In addition to being a good, informative piece of writing, SEO content needs to be tailored to catch the attention of the search engine and make them realize that your site is the site they’re looking for. A lot of research goes into identifying who your potential customers are, what they’re searching for, and how to make your content return high on their search results. Quality content is always king.


Yes, having great, informative, keyword-rich copy is key, but there’s more to SEO than your written content. All your content, blog posts, pictures, video, links, all of them need to be tailored to help your site present its best face to the search engines. And it’s not just what you post on your site, either. Articles, press releases, link building, directories. There’s a lot to be done out in the great big internet to move your site up the page rankings.


Even if you have heard of meta tags, you might not realize how important they are. If you’ve never heard of them then you really don’t realize how important they are. Sure, you can have a great website, you can even have great content, but you’ve still got to entice your prospective customers to take a look. That’s where meta tags come in. When your site comes up in a search, the search engine lists it (and other sites), along with the URL, webpage title and 160 characters of text. That title and 160 characters is where you have a chance to grab your potential customer’s attention. That’s where they decide to click on your site, and not the one above or below. Thanks to your well written meta tags.


Many will tell you link building is the most important factor in building a powerful search engine campaign. While I’m not convinced it’s the most important factor in ensuring high page rank, I have seen from multiple experiences that a well thought out and implemented link building campaign is essential to a website’s search engine ranking success. At Cool Bike, our link building strategy is based on using strong content shared throughout the internet. When you hire us to manage your link building, you get more than just a bunch of listing in directories no one cares about. Instead you get powerful and trusted links that help direct the web traffic you want visiting your site.


SEO is a process, not a finished goal. I know, getting to that coveted number one spot on a set of search results is the end goal, and you might even make it, but you’ve got to fight to stay there. Search engines want to find living websites that are actively giving good information. Ultimately, they’re trying to weed out the truly useful sites from those who are just trying to game the system. The result is that SEO isn’t just a something you do once, it’s something you should consider every time you make a change to your site. Sound tough? It’s not that bad, with a little help.

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