Affiliates use blogs to get traffic and customers


Affiliate Promotion: Your Affiliate Blog

Hopefully you are already blogging, if not you need to be. Also, you should blog only within the niches for the specific products that you are promoting. A good example would be, if you are promoting car care products or hair care supplies, you need a blog for cars, and a blog for hair supplies. Blogs have become a very useful and effective affiliate marketing tool.

Blogs are so effective, that no matter the industry you look into you will find that someone is blogging in it. Don’t  think that blogging is a waste of time just because so many are doing it. This is very far from the truth. Blogging is simple yet very effective, that is why so many people are blogging and why you should blog as well. The speed of site indexing and exposure that you will receive from blogging is well worth the effort

You Need A Blog

Blogging software usually comes free with most web hosting accounts. Affiliates normally have at least one domain and webhosting account to help promote them in promotions. The blog software is typically easy to install with just a few clicks of your mouse.

There are free blog accounts that you can get at hosted sites such as Blogger at . Some marketers have two blogs, one hosted on their website, and an identical blog hosted at a hosted blog site. This way, they are providing links to their website every time they make a blog entry, which enhances search engine optimization.

It is always best If possible, to add a new blog entry every day. If you find that impractical or to hard to do then, make sure that you post at the very least once a week, or more. The more often you post, the more the search engines visit your blog to give you more traffic and exposure.

You can find different topics to write about by simply visiting other people’s blogs, or to read industry trade magazines or news papers. For instance, if you are promoting food products, you might get blog ideas from The Food Channel, which is a television station dedicated only to food.

Forums about recipes may also give you lots of writing ideas. Another option is to use the same method that you use with writing content for your list. Hire a ghostwriter to write and blog for you. Many people do this, and it will be adding content to your blog on a regular basis, allowing appropriate topics for your affiliate links, as you indicate. This will free up your time considerably.


You Need Blog Readers

A website needs visitors or it’s a waste of your time, a blog also won’t wont be of any use without readers.  Getting readers to your blog is often easier than getting visitors to a website. There are several ways to do this.

Make sure that each time you make a blog entry, you ping the blog. You can do this by going to Ping-O-Matic at Also, make sure to have RSS capabilities on your blog. This will allow readers to load your blog in their newsreader, and it will also allow them to syndicate what you write on their own websites, which gives you more exposure and visitors.

Go read and contribute to other blogs! This can be vital if you want to succeed with blogging. Blogging itself is a community – no matter what the topic is. For instance, if you have a blog about cars, you should visit other people’s car blogs. Read the posts, and when you can, add a comment that is relevant to the post, and link to one of your blog posts that is also relevant. Whatever you do avoid blog spamming!

Also, you should quote other people’s blogs and provide Trackback links in your own blog posts. Those Trackbacks will appear on the other person’s blog, leading back to your own blog.

List your blog in the search engines to start getting readers! You should only need to do this once, as spiders will then crawl your blog regularly and will find and index your blog entries. Even though you will be pinging the blog directories, you should also visit the directories initially to get your blog listed there as well.

Always look for sites that allow you to add a link to your website, and list your blog and your website. Look specifically for sites that relate to your niche or topic. A reciprocal link may be required, but you can easily do this with software that is provided by your hosting company.

Finally, you can put the link to your blog in your signature file. When you post to newsgroups, forums, and send email, make sure that you include that signature file!

Just remember, it is easier to promote a website than it is to promote a product, and it is easier to promote a blog than it is to promote a website. For this reason, make blogging a priority, and you will be amazed at the results.

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