Best Steps on How to Keep a Guy Interested In You, and You Alone


Every guy is going to be different, and every relationship is going to be different. Some of the guidelines will work for your specific guy and others won’t, you have to know your own guy.

If you know your guy, you won’t have to wonder about how to keep a guy interested in you and it will be easy to make him do what you want from him and also to make him love you .

* Keep him guessing. Don’t call or text him at the same time of day all the time. Mix it up, skip a day. Let him call you.
* Have your own activities. If he knows you are always home on Saturday night, he might start to take advantage of it. Do things you like, don’t always be available for him, make him have to plan ahead and via for your time as well.
* Look good. Ok, so you don’t have to be dressed to the nines all the time, but take care of yourself. Nobody wants to date a slob.
* Learn something new. Want to keep him interested, learn something he likes and then beat him at it. Guys love it when you learn about something they like, you never know you might find something you like too.
* Flirt. With your guy that is. No matter how long you have been together, nothing keeps him more interested than a little flirting. It tells him you still care.
* Surprise him. Depending on your guy, do something that he really wants to do, take him to a concert he really wants to go to, even if it isn’t you taste. Little things like that tell guys you care and keep them interested.
* Stand up for yourself. Don’t get lost in the relationship in that you are no longer a person. You are more interesting when you have a personality.

How to keep a guy interested first means focusing on yourself. If you noticed, some of the steps actually focused on you. These are things you can do or ways you can be that help to keep him interested. Most of this is about what you are going to do, but the big key here is going to be step number three, look good. When you look good, you feel confident. If you feel confident, then you are more able to do the other steps. If you are afraid to try any other step, start with step three. Work your way from there. The others will come in time. How to keep a guy interested in you, make sure you keep yourself interesting. Don’t forget to take time for you.

How to keep a guy interested second means focusing on him. So there are two steps that really focus on doing something for him. Learning something new, something he likes, a sport or hobby and surprising him with it. Guys like it when you take an interest in things that they are interested in. It makes them feel special, it makes them feel manly. The other is surprising him. To do that you need to know something he really wants, whether it is something you like or not. When you do something, even if it’s not your favorite, they love that. Of course as women, we love it when guys do that for us too.

No one ever said that relationships were easy, and if someone did they were lying. It takes work to keep a guy interested in you and to keep a relationship going. But if relationships were easy, would they really be worth it then? A little thought, a little time, and you will be able to keep him interested in you forever.

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