Blogger vs WordPress Which One is The Best


There are two main blogging platforms WordPress and Blogger. Some people say that WordPress blogger superior others say it is very good. New bloggers always difficult to choose the best from one of the two. In this article I am going to provide in exchange for new bloggers will help you understand the differences between them, Blogger, WordPress comparison. After going through this article, it is suitable for you it will be easy to pick one.Here I am not going to tell you the pros and cons of both platforms will make it easier to choose a suitable one. Before proceeding, I and let me tell you two different things. The breath of the blog with ( blog host some restrictions. I will try to cover these restrictions and differences in this article, along with a comparison Blogger and WordPress.

It is expected Lord and competition blog around the world to test by bloggers and geeks technology are two options most popular blogs. So which one is better? The answer is likely to depend on your personal preferences. If you want to self-host your blog, or use a free service option? Because both bloggers provide the benefits that you can enjoy, but the most popular blog platforms available, this is the most common one is better than the other question?


Free Setup can be free and on the free blog in minutes by creating an account at to use. Select the directory appropriate subject and immediately begin publishing content.
Maintenance is not necessary – you have a software update, backup, security, etc., as well as improve the company did not have to worry about will take care of all these things.
Additional movement – if you start a blog with will be part of their network. So, if your blog becomes popular then it’s blog may be included with the mark and thus part of the day or you’ll get extra traffic to your blog.


Offering to pay for the love WordPress blogging for those users who want to host your own blog on It provides options that allow you to upload content, share retention (storage), and even help users to gain Almal.tzar on the screen.
You can transfer data from another domain to a new domain for fees Word symbolic. You can connect your content through social media sites and your blog does not have to be just a blog, it can be your main site. It gives you more features for experienced bloggers can upgrade your version to something else. Despite this, there are new programs for those who can follow instructions through the details with any problem.


Sticky full support – you can install a dedicated yourself feature hosted WordPress blog. You can use the thousands of free themes available in the WordPress repository. Coded by developers skilled as being sold distinct topics. If necessary you can also change the PHP and CSS design of his subjects.
Plug-ins are allowed – Connect the main power of the WordPress blog. Blogs and self-hosted WordPress unlimited free, premium support and customizable components.
Freedom of liquefaction – If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, then you can make it anyway you want money. You can use Google AdSense or selling advertising space available. This is where you get 50% of the net income is not possible with blog.
If you have self-control blog owner the whole everything- it hosted. You can get a backup, and improved data import or export this data at any time, or move it to a blogger While there are some restrictions.


I do not have the motivation to use this service in 2003. Blogger is actually a platform acquired by Google. You can download the content for free and even get the information from the previous blog the field without any cost. You can add media content with no storage limit. Smartphones and iPhone through e-mail content within a blog, which can be accessed by mobile phone, and a message through the messaging applications. You can access Google advertising programs very easily. You can link to one that manages multiple blogs with existing account already. Today blogger was merged bloc + Google with the social network, you can share your messages with the public very quickly. You can simply click on the button G + share to copy the link.


Free setup – a blogger is free to use for anyone with a Google account. You will find that there is more than enough for regular blog 15 GB of free storage space.
Easy to use – no blogger can start a blog in minutes with no coding skills and basic knowledge of computer use and have a Google Account. Blogger is also very easy to customize WordPress blog in the blogosphere. It’s easy to look also to provide the necessary blogger WYSIWYG interface that makes the subject of an ad hoc customization to fit.
Easy monetization – one of the best monetization options for bloggers Google. If you are hosting a blog on blogger blogger can make money easily by giving you apply for a Google AdSense account directly from the dashboard.
Safer – Blogger to host all of your data is safer than being a WordPress blog is stored on Google’s servers. You just have to keep your Google account, and you will not be hacked. WordPress blog hosting, domains, email accounts can be hacked affected at any time by themes or plugins etc.

You can up your e-mail address, name of the URL, and log on using the user name mentioned. Blogger, Google or Gmail account that you log in to the YouTube account, you can use the same information that you need. If you do not have a Google account, you need to register to participate blogger.
When it comes to the deployment of a blog article, feel some Word makes it easy for you from a blogger. With Blogger, you may have to make certain that the process is related to + Google. Some may not want to use the + Google, but to be a description of limited profile to find Blogger their own account.
Some bloggers feel that offers a range of what you can do, security is better than Word, it means that you have less to get your personal information hacked chance. Word is the work of additional time may be the best option for those who want to develop it. Assistant blogger offers that its competitors can not use blogs and functional. In addition, Google Blogger, not it, if you have owned it is not appropriate to be removed.

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