Keep Your Gaming Laptop Cool: Adventures in Thermal Engineering

Keep Your Gaming Laptop Cool

It’s a common problem that many laptop owners are aware of: your gaming laptop is so powerful, it will keep you cool in the summer and warm during winter! But when you’re playing games on the go, there isn’t always an outlet to keep your system running at its best. How can we keep our laptops cool? Read this blog post to learn how to keep your laptop cool with some simple tricks!

Keep Your Gaming Laptop Cool

– Bring a power strip with you and keep it in your bag. Plugging into different outlets can increase the chance of finding an outlet without someone else’s laptop plugged into it, or running out of plugs while on a bus tour.

– Keep your system cool by using some type of cooler to redirect airflow away from the laptop keyboard and monitor. You could also use ice packs wrapped in cloth towels next to your device when playing games outside or at home during summertime (make sure not to obstruct any vents).

– If you’re looking for something that will keep your gaming laptop cool all day long, there are plenty of cooling pads available online! The main purpose is usually just keeping things ventilated so they don’t overheat, but keep in mind that not all laptop cooling pads are created equal.

– If you’re playing a game and notice the temperatures rising, turn down your graphics/graphics settings to get those temps back down! Many laptops will have an optional setting for this feature built in.

Clean Laptop Fans:

Many people upgrade their laptop cooling system by cleaning the fans. This can keep your laptop cool and running at its best! If you are looking for a quick way to keep your laptop’s CPU cool, try removing dust from vents of the fan.

– Use canned air or an air compressor carefully so as not to damage anything in the process. Your goal is just to remove dirt/dust buildup on the outside vent without blowing it into places where it doesn’t belong like interior parts of your device or onto other electronics near by.

– For more thorough cleanings with even better airflow: take apart each individual component (such as keyboard) and use compressed gas duster sprayers – typically sold at computer stores – that will allow heating components to cool and keep them from overheating.

– If you have a laptop that has an HDD, keep in mind that it will need to be removed before removing the keyboard (or any other components). You should also try not to spray dust into any areas where there are moving parts – such as inside of your device’s CPU or GPU. Doing so could lead to damage later on down the line!


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