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Initial Release of the 1909 TS Collection on 2019.12.02. Several changes from the last time published. This also incorporates the updated Pre-Caching Process for Drivers & Language Packs. I still need to blog the Language Pack process, but time is a luxury I rarely have for blogging. More details about the overall process can be found HERE (the 1809 WaaS Process)

Previous: WaaS TS Collection 2021.09.08(36844 downloads)
Current: WaaS TS Collection 2024.02.21(4928 downloads)

Some Changes… the ones I could remember… full change logs are in the download, and it’s rather extensive, so here is a short manual version. If you see the version is newer than what you downloaded, I highly recommend you download and open the readme manual text file, and see if the changes are impactful. Often times, you can easily steal the changes from the zip file and copy the scripts or update your TS steps with the changes.

2024.02.21 – Bug Fixes, missed a lot of references to SMSTS_BUILD that needed to be replaced. Hopefully I got them all. Need to change to WaaS_UpgradeBuild and use the 5 digit build number (22631)

2024.02.14 – Updated for Windows 11 23H2 – No longer uses ReleaseID, but instead uses ‘CurrentBuild’ value. Changes some variables and basically had to touch every script in the process. Check out the Readme for a few more details.

2021.09.08 – Updated to include RSAT reinstall. Requires you create RSAT Package based on this script on GitHub

2021.09.01 – Updated Language Module to include our new process for supporting Language Packs. Requires you build Language Packages and use a Dynamic Variable Step with Details. – Documented at Recast Software – Resource Area

2020.11.26 – Tested with 20H2 and made some changes

  • Legal Text are now controlled via Variables. Check out the Legal Text Modules to set what Legal Text Options including just disabling it.
  • Moved some embedded scripts into the package to reduce TS policy size, expect more of this in the future.
  • The WaaS Baseline for Pre-Assessments that gets leveraged in Pre-Flight, you can now set the name of the Baseline in a variable instead of having to update a script.
  • Set Variables for where all custom logs go. Currently they are set to go to C:\ProgramData\WaaS and the LogFiles will be prefixed with WaaS
  • Future enhancements will continue down this line, allowing downloaders to make changes via variables and not having to update scripts or steps.
    • That said, make sure you look at the variables at the start of the Task Sequences and update accordingly.

2020.10.27 – Updated with minor fixes and changes.


  • New Requirements: CM2002
  • Updated Check Readiness Feature to leverage new items in 2002 [MS Docs]
  • Updated Splash Screen Code to fix “1909 bug” [SMSAgent Blog]
  • Added ability to Use Drivers (HP & Dell) from internet instead of DP [Blog Post]
  • Created Variables for Legal Text Scripts, makes it easier for you to add add your custom text.


  • Completely modified Export Method. The Export Method first Creates Copies of all of the Required Task Sequences (Appends the Date to the Name), to generate new package IDs, then updates the Copies to use the copied versions of the Modules. It then exports the Copies, which allows you to download each “Release” with the ability to import without having to overwrite any previously downloaded ones you have. You can then look through and compare any changes and steal / modify what you want.
  • Removed some Test Steps that were not needed
  • Replaced the Custom Error Dialog Step in the Upgrade TS with a completely re-written one based on PowerShell
  • Modifications to RollbackRecovery Script
WaaS TS Download – GARYTOWN ConfigMgr Blog (1)
WaaS TS Download – GARYTOWN ConfigMgr Blog (2)


  • Lots of changes, so many I honestly don’t recall them all.. but I’ll name a few
    • Changed to 1909 and confirmed it all worked. Yippy!
    • Main Upgrade TS… added folder near start of TS which will only run if.. NOT Deployment_Success or 1909… prevent the TS re-running again on accident if deployed again.. it happens
    • Worked on Replacing the Error handing that Adam Gross blogged about with a completely powershell modular replacement.
    • Added Inventory 2.1 script which records additional items as well as runs SetupDiag and writes to WaaS\SetupDiag\BuildNumber Key
    • More things… but I don’t remember right now…


  • Package Change
    • Tools & Scripts Package
      • RollbackRecovery.ps1
        • Added SetupDiag Tool (Requires Setup Diag in c:\programdata\WaaS, which would be added during PreCache)
        • Added Repair for CMClient if WMI issue
        • Added additional Logging for the above mentioned items.


  • CompatScan TS Change
    • Changed Behavior to Skip running the TS the machine was already on 1809. (Adding Group w/ Condition)
    • Changed Steps that called powershell.exe to use full path.
    • Added Steps to Cleanup Registry Keys that MIGHT have been created on Previous runs
    • Added section for Logging on Failure
    • Added SetupDiag on Failure (Embedded PS Script)
    • Changed Reporting Script (Process CompatScan Results) into an embedded Script
    • Changed “Copy Logs to Server” Script to be embedded and modifed Script.
  • Upgrade TS Change
    • Changed Steps that called powershell.exe to use full path.
    • Added section for Logging on Failure
    • Added SetupDiag Always Runs (Embedded PS Script)
    • Changed “Copy Logs to Server” Script to be embedded and modifed Script.
WaaS TS Download – GARYTOWN ConfigMgr Blog (3)
WaaS TS Download – GARYTOWN ConfigMgr Blog (4)
WaaS TS Download – GARYTOWN ConfigMgr Blog (5)
WaaS TS Download – GARYTOWN ConfigMgr Blog (6)
WaaS TS Download – GARYTOWN ConfigMgr Blog (7)

Ok, hope this helps and you find it useful. Please continue to provide feedback.

Quick Update: LEGAL TEXT – Places to update the legal text:

  • TS: LegalText
    • Group: If on Old Build (Failed)
      • Step “Set Legal Notice on Logon to Upgrade Complete”
      • Step “Set Legal Notice on Logon to Default”
  • Files:
    • Scripts and Tools Package
      • Folder: “LegalNoticePostUpgrade”
        • File: SetLegalNoticeText-Default.ps1
        • File: SetLegalNoticeText-OSUpgradeComplete.ps1
      • Folder: OSUninsall
        • File: LegalNotice-OSUninstallDefault.ps1
        • File: LegalNotice-OSUninstallSuccessful.ps1
      • Folder: RecoveryRollback
        • File: LegalNotice-RollBackRecovery.ps1
        • File: LegalNotice-RollBackRecoveryDefault.ps1


WaaS TS Download – GARYTOWN ConfigMgr Blog (2024)
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