Tips On Choosing Dog Food and Water Dishes

buying dog dishIf you are a first-time dog owner or just someone looking to get your dog something new, it can be difficult to determine which dog food and water dishes to get them. There are plenty of options in a variety of materials such as plastic, glass, ceramic, and metal. Here are some tips for choosing dog food and water dishes. … Continue reading

Is Your Dog Too Old To Board?

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Many dog boarding facilities have restrictions on the age of your dog. Usually, this pertains more to puppies as some facilities are not equipped to manage puppies. Camp Diego is not one of those facilities. In addition, we do not put restrictions on the maximum age of the dog. However, it is important for you as the dog owner, to know when your dog is too old to board.

The problem is, much like with people, dogs don’t necessarily act their age. You may have a spry, old 14 year old dog, or a aging 9 year old. The point is that each dog will vary from case to case. At Camp Diego, we strive to provide great care for each dog, in a stress-free environment. With that said, you still will want to evaluate your own elderly dog using some of these factors. … Continue reading

Great Christmas Gifts For Dog Owners

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One of the great things about buying gifts for dog owners is that you have an entirely new slew of gift ideas. Most dog owners love spoiling their dogs. By giving them a dog-related gift, you are allowing them to spoil their dog even more. If you aren’t quite sure what is best for the dog owner in your life, here are some great ideas. We’ve avoided a lot of the gifts that would require you to find the correct sizes. For example, harnesses, sweaters, jackets and more make great gifts, but only if you know exactly how it will fit the dog. Without further ado, here are some great Christmas gifts for dog owners. … Continue reading

Are There Dog Breeds That You Shouldn’t Board?

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When it comes to dog boarding, there are many facilities that don’t accept certain breeds because they are inappropriately regarded as “aggressive”. We don’t feel the same way. Any dog breed can be a great, loving dog and any dog breed can be aggressive, whether they are a toy poodle or dogo argentino.

However, as the owner, it is your job to know your dog. There are some dog behaviors that may prevent you from boarding them. We’ve all met a dog that is not friendly with other dogs. Likewise we have all met dogs that don’t do well with strangers. That’s not to say these dogs shouldn’t be boarded but careful consideration needs to happen on behalf of the owner. Let’s take a look at some behaviors that may prevent you from boarding your dog. … Continue reading

The Best Dog Parks In San Diego

dog parks san diegoIf you are looking for a place in San Diego to let your dog run loose and get some great exercise, there is no better place than one of the many dog parks. San Diego has strict leash policies, meaning owners have to keep their dogs leashed everywhere unless otherwise specified. While there is good reason for this, it does prohibit your dog from doing their fair share of exploring.

Luckily, San Diego is littered with quality dog parks for you and your canine to enjoy. Here are some of the best dog parks in San Diego. … Continue reading

The Best Dog Beaches In San Diego

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For dog owners, bringing joy to your dog is always a fulfilling feeling. There is nothing quite like seeing your dog wag their tail and have what can only be called a smile on their face. Walks and doing tricks for treats are always a welcome activity for your dog. Going to the dog beach, is on a completely different level. Letting your dog soak up the Vitamin D from the sun, frolic in the sand, and catch some waves not only brings them joy but also tires them out, making for a much less anxious dog in the house. … Continue reading

What Types of Dog Chew Toys Are Best?

the best dog chew toysChewing is a natural part of a dog’s life. Some dogs are much more avid chewers than others but you can be sure that virtually every dog will go through a chewing phase when they are losing their puppy teeth. Therefore it is important for all dog owners to know what types of dog chew toys are the best. There are a lot of options out there and each option may even serve a different purpose. … Continue reading

Some of the More Popular Dog Training Methods


popular dog training methodsOne of the fickle things about dog training is that everyone seems to have their own methods. That doesn’t necessarily one is better than the other, it just means that the individual may have had more success with one method with more dogs. For a new dog owner or even a seasoned one, figuring out how to train your dog can be a difficult choice. After all, not all dogs respond the same to certain methods. With that in mind, here the more popular dog training methods. While many variances exist, they can typically fall into one of these methods. … Continue reading

How To Get A Dog Used To Other Dogs

When it comes to socializing your dog, the best and pretty much only way to get your dog used to another dog, is to actually do it. There is no substitute for the real deal so you should use every opportunity you can to introduce your puppy or adult dog to different situations. Socializing your dog shouldn’t just be limited to other dogs. The best dog experience you can have, is confidently knowing that your dog is comfortable no matter what the situation is.

However, to get there, you’ll need to take some puppy steps. … Continue reading