Choke Chain Dilemma: What Should You Use For Your Dog?

Many people have a choke chain dilemma when it comes to their dog. In fact, it is commonly disputed in the pet training world, as well as amongst dog owners. In general there are two sides to this argument. Those that are for and those that are against the use of choke chains. We’ll outline the two arguments below to help you figure out what you should use for your dog. … Continue reading

Why You Should Leave Your Dog at Daycare While You’re At Work


For new and seasoned dog owners alike, a common issue faced is what to do with the dog while you are at work. Whether you are single or have a partner, chances are you both work a standard eight hour day at the least. That isn’t even taking into account commute times. With that said, leaving a dog alone for eight or more hours a day is a strong case for doggy daycare. Here is why you should leave your dog at daycare while you’re at work. … Continue reading

It’s Summertime. Where are the Best Dog Parks in San Diego?

Summertime in San Diego is unlike anything else. Sunshine, surf, and plenty of outdoor activities can keep you busy all summer long. The best part is that you can bring your four-legged-friend all over the place. Many stores, restaurants, and bars are dog-friendly. When you want to give your dog a chance to stretch their legs more, you can head to one of the many San Diego dog parks. Here are some of the best dog parks in San Diego. … Continue reading

Why Your Dog May Like To Chew and The Best Chew Toys

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You’ve likely seen the videos of dog owners when they come home to a house filled with shredded material. It might be a pillow torn open with the stuffing tossed about, toilet paper bits scattered, or even doors gnawed through. As the owner, it can be a nightmare to see this. Even in more mild cases, your dog might try and chew electrical cords, zippers, tags, or nimble on your fingers. Regardless, chewing on non-dog items is a behavior that you’ll want to change as soon as possible.

The first thing you need to do is figure out why your may like to chew. There are a couple of main reasons this may occur, though you should consult with your veterinarian or an animal behaviorist to determine the exact cause. … Continue reading

Can You Put Your Dog In a Kennel If It Doesn’t Get Along With Other Dogs?


can you put your dog in a kennel if it doesn't get along with other dogsAny dog owner knows that there are varying levels of sociableness within dogs. As an owner, you are likely keenly aware as to how well your dog does or does not get along with other dogs. Your dog might be the friendliest dog in the world or they may get agitated or aggressive towards other dogs, despite showing affection towards humans. For those that have the latter type of dog, it is obviously in your best interest to avoid kennelling them if possible. However, there are always circumstances that may require you to kennel your dog. … Continue reading

The Healthiest Dog Foods On the Market


the best dog foods on the marketWhether you have a brand new puppy or are a seasoned dog owner, you always want what is best for them. That’s why many dog owners stress over what food to provide their dogs. Is it better to give wet or dry dog food? What brands are the best? What ingredients are most beneficial? All of these questions might race through your mind as your peruse the aisles or you local pet supply store. … Continue reading

Tips On Choosing Dog Food and Water Dishes

buying dog dishIf you are a first-time dog owner or just someone looking to get your dog something new, it can be difficult to determine which dog food and water dishes to get them. There are plenty of options in a variety of materials such as plastic, glass, ceramic, and metal. Here are some tips for choosing dog food and water dishes. … Continue reading

Is Your Dog Too Old To Board?

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Many dog boarding facilities have restrictions on the age of your dog. Usually, this pertains more to puppies as some facilities are not equipped to manage puppies. Camp Diego is not one of those facilities. In addition, we do not put restrictions on the maximum age of the dog. However, it is important for you as the dog owner, to know when your dog is too old to board.

The problem is, much like with people, dogs don’t necessarily act their age. You may have a spry, old 14 year old dog, or a aging 9 year old. The point is that each dog will vary from case to case. At Camp Diego, we strive to provide great care for each dog, in a stress-free environment. With that said, you still will want to evaluate your own elderly dog using some of these factors. … Continue reading

Great Christmas Gifts For Dog Owners

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One of the great things about buying gifts for dog owners is that you have an entirely new slew of gift ideas. Most dog owners love spoiling their dogs. By giving them a dog-related gift, you are allowing them to spoil their dog even more. If you aren’t quite sure what is best for the dog owner in your life, here are some great ideas. We’ve avoided a lot of the gifts that would require you to find the correct sizes. For example, harnesses, sweaters, jackets and more make great gifts, but only if you know exactly how it will fit the dog. Without further ado, here are some great Christmas gifts for dog owners. … Continue reading

Are There Dog Breeds That You Shouldn’t Board?

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When it comes to dog boarding, there are many facilities that don’t accept certain breeds because they are inappropriately regarded as “aggressive”. We don’t feel the same way. Any dog breed can be a great, loving dog and any dog breed can be aggressive, whether they are a toy poodle or dogo argentino.

However, as the owner, it is your job to know your dog. There are some dog behaviors that may prevent you from boarding them. We’ve all met a dog that is not friendly with other dogs. Likewise we have all met dogs that don’t do well with strangers. That’s not to say these dogs shouldn’t be boarded but careful consideration needs to happen on behalf of the owner. Let’s take a look at some behaviors that may prevent you from boarding your dog. … Continue reading