The Best Dog Parks In San Diego

dog parks san diegoIf you are looking for a place in San Diego to let your dog run loose and get some great exercise, there is no better place than one of the many dog parks. San Diego has strict leash policies, meaning owners have to keep their dogs leashed everywhere unless otherwise specified. While there is good reason for this, it does prohibit your dog from doing their fair share of exploring.

Luckily, San Diego is littered with quality dog parks for you and your canine to enjoy. Here are some of the best dog parks in San Diego. … Continue reading

The Best Dog Beaches In San Diego

san diego dog beaches

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For dog owners, bringing joy to your dog is always a fulfilling feeling. There is nothing quite like seeing your dog wag their tail and have what can only be called a smile on their face. Walks and doing tricks for treats are always a welcome activity for your dog. Going to the dog beach, is on a completely different level. Letting your dog soak up the Vitamin D from the sun, frolic in the sand, and catch some waves not only brings them joy but also tires them out, making for a much less anxious dog in the house. … Continue reading

What Types of Dog Chew Toys Are Best?

the best dog chew toysChewing is a natural part of a dog’s life. Some dogs are much more avid chewers than others but you can be sure that virtually every dog will go through a chewing phase when they are losing their puppy teeth. Therefore it is important for all dog owners to know what types of dog chew toys are the best. There are a lot of options out there and each option may even serve a different purpose. … Continue reading

Some of the More Popular Dog Training Methods


popular dog training methodsOne of the fickle things about dog training is that everyone seems to have their own methods. That doesn’t necessarily one is better than the other, it just means that the individual may have had more success with one method with more dogs. For a new dog owner or even a seasoned one, figuring out how to train your dog can be a difficult choice. After all, not all dogs respond the same to certain methods. With that in mind, here the more popular dog training methods. While many variances exist, they can typically fall into one of these methods. … Continue reading

How To Get A Dog Used To Other Dogs

When it comes to socializing your dog, the best and pretty much only way to get your dog used to another dog, is to actually do it. There is no substitute for the real deal so you should use every opportunity you can to introduce your puppy or adult dog to different situations. Socializing your dog shouldn’t just be limited to other dogs. The best dog experience you can have, is confidently knowing that your dog is comfortable no matter what the situation is.

However, to get there, you’ll need to take some puppy steps. … Continue reading

How To Calm A Nervous Dog


calm a nervous dogHaving a nervous dog can be quite the nerveracking experience. It is often a stressful situation that many dog owners aren’t fully equipped to deal with. Luckily there are a number of ways to calm a nervous dog. … Continue reading

What To Do If Your Dog Is Scared Of Being Boarded


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No dog owner wants to leave their pet behind. So whether the family is going on vacation or you are leaving for a business trip, there tends to be at least a small amount of guilt felt. This is especially true for dogs who are scared of being boarded. While some dogs will adapt effortlessly to the kennel life, others might be absolutely terrified and stressed with the situation. If you have a dog in the latter group, here are some tips.
… Continue reading

Coyote Attacks Are Getting More Frequent In Southern California: Tips To Protecting Your Dog


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It is becoming quite common to hear that a coyote attack has occurred in Southern California. It would seem that they are getting more aggressive and have pushed more into urbanized areas than in past decades. Obviously this means it might not be uncommon to see one prowling your neighborhood. There is plenty of food in neighborhoods for coyotes which draws them to your households.

For dog owners, this is a huge concern. Whether you have a small or large dog, the notion of a coyote or pack of coyotes attacking your family pet is terrifying. Follow these tips to protect your dog and household from coyotes. … Continue reading

Getting A Dog When You Travel A Lot: 3 Tips

dachsund mix - having a dog while traveling

Traveling is a big part of a lot of people’s lives. Dogs also happen to big a part of a lot of people’s lives too. The unfortunate truth is that a lot of traveling and owning a dog don’t always mesh too well. It can be incredibly challenging to travel with your dog especially if you are going overseas or travel via plane a lot. In fact, plane travel continues to prove dangerous for a lot of dogs if they can’t fit under your seat and are put in the cargo hold.

So if you are considering adding a dog to your family and you travel a lot, seriously consider the implications before doing so. For those of you that already own dogs and travel a lot, here are some tips. … Continue reading