Droughts and Dogs: 3 Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool

It is no secret to California residents that the drought has taken its toll. Water restrictions, uncanny ways of keeping your lawn green, and some lackluster crop productions have all been abundant throughout the state. With the amount of heat and lack of precipitation, the effects can even be passed along to your canine. Dog owners should take precautions for their dogs during this drought to ensure that they remain cool to avoid heat stroke. … Continue reading

Should Small Dogs Be Boarded With Large Dogs?

san diego dog boarding

The question of small dog or big dog is brought up a lot between dog lovers. Some people prefer small dog breeds and some people prefer large dog breeds. However, the size difference is also brought up a lot in terms of interaction. People wonder if it is dangerous to keep their Yorkie with a Doberman. The same questioned is often raised when it comes to boarding your dog. Should small dogs be boarded along with larger dogs? … Continue reading

San Diego Dog Kennels: How Regulated Are They?

Almost every industry in the United States has some form of regulation, and it is usually for good reason. Regardless of your stance on governmental regulations of business, we can all agree that some regulation is required to protect consumers for unlawful business practices.


Governmental regulations also apply to dog kennels. These regulation usually drill down to the county or city level. Here are some of the main areas in which San Diego dog kennels are regulated. … Continue reading

San Diego Dog Boarding Costs: What Are The Price Ranges For Good to Upscale Kennels?

san diego dog boarding

When boarding your dog in San Diego, there are a lot of factors to consider. You always want to ensure that your dog is being well cared for when they are left at the facility. Other factors such as playtime, on-call vets, and staffing ratio can affect your decision.

However, one factor that plays a huge role in determining where your dog stays is pricing. As much as we want our dogs to be treated like kings and queens, we always have to consider the overall cost. … Continue reading

Preparing Your Dog For A Kennel Stay: 5 Tips

Preparing your dog for a kennel stay can be a stressful event for your dog and yourself. In fact, you will probably end up needing to prepare yourself for leaving your dog with a kennel, more than you need to prepare your dog for staying at a kennel.

When preparing your dog for a stay at a kennel, most of the prep work should land on your shoulders. There are some steps you can take to help their comfortability level, but in the end you are the one who needs to be comfortable leaving your dog in the hands of other people. … Continue reading

Proper Dog Bathing: Why Camp Diego Is Above The Rest

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If you ask us who provides the best dog bath in Southern California, we’re going to point two thumbs at ourselves. Now, we’re not about boasting, but we do know that there is a proper way and a lazy way to give a dog a bath.

We prefer to use the proper and thorough way. Dog hygiene is extremely important to the overall health of your dog and something as remedial as bathing shouldn’t be the cause of illness for your pup. … Continue reading

Dog Bathing Basics: What We Check At Camp Diego

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Bathing your dog should involve more than throwing them in the tub and rinsing them or spraying them down with a hose. Dogs get dirty. There is absolutely no denying that. Dirt, sand, mud, bugs, and more all ingrain themselves in a dog’s fur or hair. … Continue reading