Can You Put Your Dog In a Kennel If It Doesn’t Get Along With Other Dogs?

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can you put your dog in a kennel if it doesn't get along with other dogsAny dog owner knows that there are varying levels of sociableness within dogs. As an owner, you are likely keenly aware as to how well your dog does or does not get along with other dogs. Your dog might be the friendliest dog in the world or they may get agitated or aggressive towards other dogs, despite showing affection towards humans. For those that have the latter type of dog, it is obviously in your best interest to avoid kennelling them if possible. However, there are always circumstances that may require you to kennel your dog.

A common question that kennels receive is if you can put your dog in a kennel if it doesn’t get along with other dogs? The answer depends on the kennel.

You will likely come across a mix of kennels that will or will not allow your dog if they know it doesn’t fair well with other dogs. For those that do not allow your dog, they likely have good reasons. They might not have private play areas or supervision might not be as tight. The point is, they are not trying to infer that your dog is bad, they are simply putting its safety first.

For kennels that do accept your dog, it is in your best interest to do your research. You might have an initial sense of relief to find a place that will accept your dog, however you need to continue to scrutinize the kennel. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Request Private Play

Your dog is going to need its exercise. If your dog doesn’t get along with other dogs, it can’t join in during the all out, communal play that other dogs have. So you should check with the kennel to ensure that it will receive its fair share of playtime in a private, secluded area away from other dogs. This way your dog can relieve through play and exercise, some of the anxiety from being in a new place.

Disclose Your Dog’s Temperament

We understand it can be difficult to tell others, especially when you are searching for a kennel, that your dog doesn’t get along well with other dogs. But understand that most of the kennel workers are probably well-versed with dogs that don’t like other dogs. They understand that it isn’t always a reflection of the owner but rather a personality trait of an otherwise loving companion. So it is important for you to not hide your dog’s personality. Doing so puts your dog, other dogs, and even kennel workers at risk. Describe what stimulus your dog reacts to and let them know how they behave around other dogs. Doing so will help them make your dog’s stay as comfortable as possible.

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