How to Choose The Right Dog Groomer

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san diego dog groomingChoosing the right dog groomer for your dog isn’t as simple as Google-ing “dog groomer” and choosing the first search result. It will likely involve you tearing yourself away from your computer screen. You are going to want first hand accounts of the grooming business. So without further ado, here is how to choose the right dog groomer.



Unfortunately, licensing dog groomers has not become a national accreditation. Anyone can pick up scissors or shears and get to work. However, there is a certification program through the National Dog Groomers Association (NDGA). The Master Groomer certification evaluates a groomer’s skills against national standards. With this certification you’ll at least know that your groomer went through written and practical tests, and understands safety procedures, health & hygiene practices, pesticide handling, dog anatomy, proper dog handling techniques, and even first aid.


Type of Products Used

Another factor when choosing your dog groomer is identifying what products they use. Just like human products, some dog products can be more harmful than others. If you’ve researched any type of tick & flea medication, you’ve undoubtedly read about some of the horror stories of dogs either getting sick or dying after applying the medication. While the groomer’s products might not have effects quite to that extreme, certain products can dry out your dog’s skin, create rashes, or cause other issues. So ask potential groomers for a list of products they use and do the research on your own.


Request a Visit

Requesting a visit should be a “must do” on your list when choosing dog groomers. You can learn so much about a groomer just from stepping through their doors. You can get a sense of hospitableness towards your dog, cleanliness of the facility, and get a feeling for the overall atmosphere of the groomer’s facility.


Ask the Tough Questions

Consumers really don’t ask enough questions. When it comes to the care of your dog, though, you should be the host of Jeopardy. Ask them tough questions about their practice, knowledge, facility, and more. Some great questions, even if they don’t’ apply to your dog, are asking how they handle anxious or aggressive dogs. Even if your dog is not aggressive, it may be placed in a situation where it is being groomed at the same time as an aggressive dog. How do they handle this situation? You’ll also want to know about their experience with specific breeds, particularly the breed of your dog. Not all breeds need to the same type of care and a groomer needs to understand these nuances.

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