What are some of the healthiest dog foods?

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Healthiest Dog Foods

Dogs eat a lot of food making it tempting to opt for a low or reasonably priced brand. However, that might not be the best choice because different brands include dramatically different ingredients in their foods. Walking dog the pet food aisle can be overwhelming with so many different types and brands of food. So what are some of the healthiest dog foods?

Check the Ingredients

One of the main things you’ll want to do is check the ingredients of a dog food. You want to look for whole ingredients; berries, flaxseed, quinoa, oatmeal, brown rice, salmon oil, and primary proteins like beef, chicken, fish, duck, and more. The ingredients your dog eats shouldn’t be all that different from the foods you should be consuming. They require a slightly different balance in their diet but eating whole ingredients is an important part of that diet.

Avoid “feed-grade” ingredients. Avoid any chemicals, preservatives, dyes, and contaminants. Just like your own food, it’s good to look for ingredients you can actually pronounce. These fillers and preservatives can have a negative impact on your dog’s health.

Healthiest Dog Foods

There are a lot of great brands out there and lot more that are great for dogs in specific situations (ex: senior aged dogs, diabetic dogs, etc.). With that said, here are some great brands of healthy dog food to consider.

Blue Buffalo

This extremely popular brand shows up on almost every healthy dog food list. It can be found at virtually every pet store for good reason. They use quality ingredients that are balanced for the type of nutrients your dog needs. 


Another great option, Merrick uses whole ingredients and even includes probiotics which are great for the gut health and digestive system of your dog.


Fromm is another great brand that provides your dog with a dry food filled with quality, whole ingredients.

Wellness Core

Wellness Core is a simple, high protein food that is great for your dog. Their wet dog food option gives you a great alternative to standard dry kibble.

When determining what dog foods will be the healthiest, always consult the ingredients. If there are too many ingredients or a plethora of ingredients you cannot pronounce, it might not be the best choice.

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