Why You Should Leave Your Dog at Daycare While You’re At Work

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For new and seasoned dog owners alike, a common issue faced is what to do with the dog while you are at work. Whether you are single or have a partner, chances are you both work a standard eight hour day at the least. That isn’t even taking into account commute times. With that said, leaving a dog alone for eight or more hours a day is a strong case for doggy daycare. Here is why you should leave your dog at daycare while you’re at work.

Separation Anxiety

Believe it or not, many dogs get separation anxiety when you leave. Like people, this anxiety is different for every individual. There are a number of ways you can try to train your dog to relieve some of the separation anxiety, but it isn’t a substitute for having actual interaction throughout the day.

Common signs of separation anxiety are tearing up the house, constant barking, digging, urinating inside, running away, and even self-mutilation. These are all serious warning signs of separation anxiety. You’ve undoubtedly seen a viral video where an owner walks into their home filled with furniture stuffing scattered across the floor. The dog needs to release energy, so they do it in destructive ways. This doesn’t mean they are a bad dog, they just have energy that needs to be released.

Another problem arises when you have a dog with separation anxiety but doesn’t show one of these clear, identifiable symptoms. Dogs can go into depression and lash out.

By sending your dog to doggy daycare, this separation anxiety will likely be non-existent because they are interacting with other dogs and people. They have something to focus their energy on.

Physical and Mental Stimulation

Another reason to send your dog to daycare while you work is to stimulate them throughout the day. So even if you are 100 percent positive that your dog does not have separation anxiety, it is still great for them to be mentally and physically stimulated throughout the day.

You’ve likely heard the phrase “a good dog is a tired dog”. This is fairly true. If your dog has had adequate exercise and stimulation, they are much more likely to behave in a way that you approve. Dogs that are not exercised or stimulated properly have a tendency to bark more, release pent up energy in the form of aggression, damage household items, and are much harder to keep command of when you do finally let them out.

Doggy daycare provided mental and physical stimulation all day long while you are hard at work. They get exercise with a daycare professional or playing with other dogs. They get mental stimulation in the same way along with other sights and sounds they witness while at daycare. Your house will get very boring to your dog quickly if they have 8 hours per day to explore.

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