San Diego Dog Boarding Costs: What Are The Price Ranges For Good to Upscale Kennels?

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When boarding your dog in San Diego, there are a lot of factors to consider. You always want to ensure that your dog is being well cared for when they are left at the facility. Other factors such as playtime, on-call vets, and staffing ratio can affect your decision.

However, one factor that plays a huge role in determining where your dog stays is pricing. As much as we want our dogs to be treated like kings and queens, we always have to consider the overall cost.

Pricing Details

Most dog boarding facilities charge a daily rate. It usually is considered to be valid for a complete twenty-four hour period. So if you drop your dog off at 1pm on Sunday, your daily charge is until 12:59pm on Monday. It is a fairly straightforward rate, but can become costly if you are going on an extended vacation.

A lot of dog boarding facilities also provide a discount for new members. It is essentially a “welcome” bonus. Additionally, a lot of dog boarding facilities will provide a discount if you are boarding multiple dogs. You will either get a percentage off your total for the day, or will get a discount on the second dog.

Price Ranges

The price ranges can vary depending on the facility you choose and their amenities. For example, the low end will be kennels that don’t provide much activity, attention, or space for your dog. Good to upscale kennels will cost you more but your dogs will have much more room to thrive.

For example, Camp Diego provides all day play, 24 hour staffing, personal attention, dog sleepovers, and much more. Currently, the rate for a twenty-four hour period at Camp Diego is $40. If you have two or more dogs, there is a 10 percent discount, equalling $36 per dog. Additionally, if you dog is staying two or more weeks, there is also a 10 percent discount for the stay.

The prices for good to upscale kennels can get a little lower than our rate and as high as $55 or $60 per twenty-four hour period.

For information about boarding your dog contact Camp Diego or call us at 619-224-2267.