231 Baby Girl Names That Start With E (2024)

How exciting! You’ve recently found out you’re having a baby girl and looking for the perfect name for your newest little bundle. You cruise through the list of baby names you’ve been adding to for what seems like forever, and you notice a specific letter with a nice ring. If you like the sound of girl names that start with E, look at this list we compiled, and you may find a girl name that’s just right for your upcoming babe.

Here are 231 baby girl names starting with an E, including celebrity names, royal names, unique names, and more:

22 Literary and Storybook Girl Names That Start With E

Did you have a favorite storybook growing up? A favorite nursery rhyme that your parents would recite to you? A favorite novel you may have read a few times just because you fell in love with one of the characters? Check out these E girl names inspired by books and stories. From lovely names like Esme, which means “loved, esteemed,” to the unique yet famous name Eponine from “Les Misérables,” there are many beautiful and unique choices.

1. Eloise — Meaning “famous warrior,” Eloise is the name of a precocious little girl from a well-known children’s book series by Kay Thompson.

2. Esme — The name Esme means “loved, esteemed” and appears in many literary texts, including the “Twilight” series, “A Series of Unfortunate Events” by Lemony Snicket, and the short story “For Esmé — with Love and Squalor,” by J.D. Salinger.

3. Elena — Elena means “shining light,” and Elena Gilbert is the main character in “The Vampire Diaries” book series.

4. Esperanza — Meaning “hope,” this name is well-known due to the book “Esperanza Rising.”

5. Emilia — Meaning “rival, laborious, eager,” Emilia is a character in Shakespeare’s “Othello.”

6. Edda — Edda is an Old Norse name that means “grandmother.” The “Eddas” are a famous collection of Old Norse poems and stories.

7. Electra or Elektra — A Greek mythological character, Electra saved the life of her brother Orestes after their father Agamemnon was murdered. It’s also the name of a Marvel comic character.

8. Emmeline — Meaning “hardworking, industrious,” Emmeline is the name of characters in Mark Twain’s “Huckleberry Finn” and Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.”

9. Edith or Eadith — This name means “prosperous in strife” and is famous due to the well-known writer Edith Wharton and Anne Frank’s mother.

10. Estella — Estella means “star” and is a famous name due to the character Estella from “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens.

11. Eponine — Meaning “heroine” or “French horse goddess,” Eponine is a famous character from “Les Miserables.”

12. Elphaba — This is the name of the Wicked Witch of the West from “The Wizard of Oz” (created from the initials L.F.B. — L. Frank Baum, the author).

13. Eowyn — Meaning “horse joy” or “delight in horses,” Éowyn is a main character in the “Lord of the Rings” book series and movies.

14. Eliza — “Eliza” means “God is satisfaction.” Eliza Doolittle is the famous protagonist in the play “Pygmalion,” which was later adapted into the musical “My Fair Lady.”

15. Eulalie — A name that means “sweetly spoken,” Eulalie is the title of an Edgar Allen Poe poem and a character from “Gone With the Wind.”

16. Elinor — “Elinor” means “God is my light.” Elinor Dashwood is the protagonist of Jane Austen’s novel “Sense and Sensibility.”

17. Eudora — “Eudora” means “good gift.” Eudora Welty was a famous American short-story writer and novelist.

18. Elaine or Elain — Meaning “sunray, shining light,” Elaine is a lady from the castle of Astolat who, according to Arthurian legend, fell in love with Sir Lancelot.

19. Evaine — According to Arthurian legend, Evaine is the sister of Lancelot’s mother, Elaine. The meaning of the name Evaine is unknown.

20. Evangeline — Meaning “good news,” Evangeline is the name of the Acadian girl in the famous poem “A Tale of Acadie” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

21. Effie — This girl’s name means “well-spoken.” Effie Trinket was a key character in “The Hunger Games” book series.

22. Eyre — Meaning “gravel bank river,” Eyre pays homage to the famous literary character Jane Eyre.

32 Celebrity Girl Names That Start With E

This next batch of E girl names is inspired by your favorite celebrities and what they’ve named their very own Hollywood starlets. And you know celebs love unique choices like Estere, the name Madonna chose for her daughter, and Esti, which Chrissy Teigen made famous when naming her newest baby girl last year.

1. Ever — Milla Jovovich chose this unique name, meaning “always,” for her baby girl.

2. Ezer — Meaning “help,” Ezer is the name of Addison Timlin and Jeremy Allen White’s child.

3. Estere — Meaning “star,” the name Madonna chose for her daughter.

4. Ella Rose — Lauren Benanti chose this name, which means “living flower,” for her daughter.

5. Elsie — Meaning “pledged to God,” Elsie is the name of Zooey Deschanel’s daughter.

6. Edie — Keira Knightley chose this moniker, which means “prosperous in war,” for her baby girl.

7. Elizabella — Elizabella means “devoted to God, God is my oath” and is the name of Alyssa Milano’s daughter.

8. Emerson — Meaning “brave and powerful,” this gender-neutral name was Terri Hatcher’s choice for a baby name.

9. Everest — Meaning “dweller on the Eure River,” Everest is the name George Lucas and Mellody Hobson chose for their baby girl.

10. Etta — This name means “ruler of the house.” Some famous people with this name are singers Etta James and Etta Baker.

11. Emme — JLo and Marc Anthony famously chose Emme, meaning “universal,” for one of their twins.

12. Evan — This name means “the Lord is gracious.” One famous Evan is actress Evan Rachel Wood.

13. Estela — Meaning “star,” Estela is the name of Ali Landry’s daughter.

14. Ella Rae — Mark Wahlberg’s daughter is named Ella Rae, a name that means “light beautiful fairy.”

15. Ennis — Ennis is a gender-neutral name that means “island” or “one choice” and is the name of Kristen Dunst’s child.

16. Electra — Remember Carmen Electra from the 1990s? This famous name means “shining bright, radiant.”

17. Enya — Meaning “fire,” Enya is a famous Celtic Gaelic singer.

18. Elula — Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen named their daughter Elula, which means “August.”

19. Embry — Meaning flat-topped hill, this gender-neutral name became popular due to the “Twilight” series when a boy werewolf had the name Embry.

20. Erinn — This name means “Ireland.” Erinn Hayes is an actress on “Grey’s Anatomy.”

21. Elin — The name “Elin” means “sunbeam.” Elin Nordegren is a famous Swedish model and the ex-wife of Tiger Woods.

22. Everly — Meaning “boar in a woodland clearing” or “boar meadow,” Everly is the name of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan’s daughter.

23. Eisele — Eisele means “blacksmith, ironworker” and is the name Hillary Scott chose for her child.

24. Eulala — Marcia Gay Harden named her daughter Eulala, meaning “sweet speaking.”

25. Elvira — Meaning “truth,” this name is famous because of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, a well-known horror movie host.

26. Esmerelda — Meaning “emerald,” this lovely name is what Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes chose for one of their kids.

27. Evelyn — Meaning “desired, wished for,” Evelyn is the name Bruce Willis and Emma Henning-Willis named their daughter.

28. Erica — Reality TV star Erica Pinkett has appeared in music videos for Trey Songz, DJ Kay Slay, and MJG.

29. Esti — Chrissy Teigen and John Legend chose the baby name Esti, which means “star,” for one of their kids.

30. Elle — Elle Woods is the famous law student we know and love, and the name Elle means “sun ray.”

31. Eilish — This name means “pledged to God.” Fans of Billie Eilish will love this name.

32. Enola — This name is of Native American origin and means “solitary.” It was made popular recently by the Netflix series “Enola Holmes.”

30 Royal Girl Names That Start With E

Royal Baby Names are always a fun topic – scroll below for our favorite girl names that start with E that are fit for a queen. Whether they’ve been used over the centuries for famous queens and princesses or have a certain “royal” connotation or meaning, we think these royal “E” girl names are all beautiful choices.

1. Eugenie — A Greek name that means “well-born, noble.”

2. Erica or Erika — Meaning “eternal ruler, ever powerful,” this name is of Norse origin.

3. Eunice — This name is of Greek origin, meaning “good victory.”

4. Elsa — Known to have Hebrew, German, and Swiss roots, this name means “consecrated to God, noble.”

5. Emelia — A name of Latin origin that means “rival, laborious, eager.”

6. Evita — Latin in origin, meaning “life, living one.”

7. Ema — This name has German and Swiss roots and means “whole, universal.”

8. Elga — A name with Scandinavian, German, and Slavic roots that means “sacred.”

9. Eugenia — This name means “well-born, noble” and has Greek roots.

10. Elli — Meaning “noble, exalted,” this name is of Greek origin.

11. Eveline or Evelina — A name of Hebrew and Latin origin, meaning “source of life, strength.”

12. Elda — Elda is an Italian name that means “wise, prudent advisor.”

13. Erendira — Of Spanish origin, meaning “smiling princess” or “she who smiles.”

14. Eada — This name is of English origin and means “wealthy.”

15. Earie — A Scottish name that means “from the east.”

16. Earlena or Earlene — Meaning “noblewoman, princess, warrior, countess,” this name is of Old English origin.

17. Earwyna — An English name that means “friend of the sea.”

18. Eathelyn — Of English origin, meaning “noble waterfall.”

19. Eberta — Eberta is of English origin and means “intelligent.”

20. Ecatarina — This name is of Greek origin and means “pure, clean.”

21. Edee — An Old English name that means “prosperous in strife.”

22. Eda — Meaning “well-mannered,” this name is of German and Polish origin.

23. EdilineGerman in origin, meaning “noble kind.”

24. Edina — This name is of English origin and means “wealthy.”

25. Edita — Edita is a name of Spanish origin and means “prosperous in war.”

26. Edolie — Of English origin, meaning “noble, good.”

27. Eddie — An Old English gender-neutral name that means “wealth, guardian of riches.”

28. Earla or Earldina— Meaning “noblewoman, princess, warrior, countess,” this name is said to have Old English, German, and Norse roots.

29. Earlean — This name also means “noblewoman, princess, warrior, countess” in Old English.

30. Elwanda — This name has Polish and German roots and means “just.”

45 Earth-Inspired Girl Names That Start With E

With the summer months on their way, one of our favorite themes for baby names is earthly and nature-esque names associated with the sun, the sky, and everything else outdoors. If you haven’t found that perfect name that starts with E yet – maybe you’ll find it here. From names like Edana, meaning “fire,” and Ellowyn, meaning “elm tree,” there are many options for baby girl names connected to Mother Earth.

1. Early — An Old English name that means “eaglewood.”

2. Edana— Edana is an Irish name that means “fire.”

3. Eglantine — Having Latin and French roots, Eglantine is the flower from the sweetbriar plant. This name also means “needle,” so it’s an excellent choice for a little girl who will stick out from the crowd!

4. Eilah or Eila — A name of Hebrew origin meaning “tree.”

5. Eira — A name meaning “snow” with Welsh roots.

6. Eiry — Also a Welsh name meaning “snow.”

7. Ellowyn — This name is of English origin and means “elm tree.”

8. Ember — Ember is an English name that means “spark, low burning.”

9. Eithne — With Irish and Gaelic roots, this name means “kernel, grain.”

10. Estralita — Meaning “little star,” this name is of Spanish origin.

11. Europa — Europa is a Greek name that means “where the sun sets” and “wide face.”

12. Etoile — This name has French roots and means “star.”

13. Evanthe — A name of Greek origin meaning “blooming, flowery.”

14. Euphrates — Meaning “great river,” this name has Greek roots.

15. Elan — Elan is a Hebrew name meaning “oak tree” and a Native American name meaning “friendly.”

16. Eirys — A name of Welsh origin that means “iris.”

17. Eloni — This beautiful name is Polynesian and means “lofty mountain.”

18. Enav — This name means “grape” and has Hebrew roots.

19. Enfys — A lovely Welsh name meaning “rainbow.”

20. Estrella — This is a name of Spanish origin meaning “star.”

21. Eaglin — Meaning “eagle,” the name Eaglin has German roots.

22. Ele — A Hawaiian name meaning “black.”

23. Eldoris— With Spanish roots, this name means “gold.”

24. Elodie — Meaning “foreign riches,” this name is French in origin.

25. Elynn — Elynn is a Greek name that means “sun ray.”

26. Emerald — This name means “green gemstone” and is said to have English, Persian, and Greek roots.

27. Emerant — A Spanish name that is a variation of Emerald, meaning “green gemstone.”

28. Earvina — Meaning “sea friend,” Earvina is English in origin.

29. Eba — With Latin and Hebrew roots, this name means “life or animal.”

30. Eolande — A Spanish name that means “purple.”

31. Eolantha — Meaning “purple or violet flower,” this name has Spanish roots.

32. Erda — This name means “Earth, power of life” and is said to have roots in many languages, including Old English, Norse, and German.

33. Erwina — An Old English name that means “boar friend.”

34. Ensley — Meaning “solitary meadow,” this name has Scottish roots.

35. Evette — This means “yew tree” and is of English and French origin.

36. Evonne — Evonne is also a French name meaning “yew tree.”

37. Ebony, Ebonee, or Ebonique — Meaning “black wood,” this name is said to have Latin, Egyptian, and Greek roots.

38. Esarosa — A Native American name meaning “white wolf.”

39. Evandale — Meaning “Evan’s valley,” this name is English in origin.

40. Ellerby — Ellerby means “farmstead, village” and has English and Norse roots.

41. Eidra — An Old English name that means “fig tree.”

42. Eurynome — A name from Greek mythology that means “broad pasture.”

43. Eos — A Greek name meaning “nightingale.”

44. Edelweiss — A name with German roots meaning “noble white flower.”

45. Erin or Eryn — This name means “Ireland.”

13 Unique Girl Names That Start With E

Looking for a unique baby name that will truly stand out? How about Equinox, which means “equal night”? Or Echo, which means exactly what it sounds like — “reflected sound.” Here are some more unique yet adorable E names for your baby girl to fit her personality perfectly.

1. Elendil — Meaning “elf-friend,” this name has English roots.

2. Ellery— An Old Norse name that means “lives by the alder tree, joyful.”

3. Evadne — Meaning “pleasing one,” this name is Greek.

4. Edwidge or Edwige — A name with French and German roots that means “war.”

5. Echo — Meaning “reflected sound,” this name is Greek.

6. Ealasaid — This Gaelic name means “devoted to God.”

7. Equinox — A unique name with Latin roots that means “equal night.”

8. Evenstar — Evenstar is an English name that means “evening star.”

9. Eman — Meaning “faith,” Eman is of Arabic origin.

10. Eleri — This Welsh name means “greatly bitter.”

11. Esra — Esra means “travel at night” and has Arabic roots.

12. Evolet— A modern girl name of American origin that means “promise of life.”

13. Euphemie — This is a Greek name that means “well-spoken.”

8 Popular Girl Names That Start With E

If unique names aren’t your style and you’re a fan of mainstream names everyone will recognize, we have a few girl names starting with E that have been around for ages and remain popular today. You can’t go wrong with Emma, meaning “entire, universal,” or Evie, which means “life.”

1. Emma — Meaning “entire, universal,” Emma has German roots.

2. Ella — Ella means “fairy maiden, goddess” and is originally German.

3. Eva — A Hebrew name that means “life, living one.”

4. Eliana — Meaning “God has answered,” this name is Hebrew.

5. Ellie — With English and French roots, this name means “light, sunray.”

6. Evie — A Hebrew name meaning “life.”

7. Emmy — This name means “work, universal” and is of German origin.

8. Evalyn — This name means “desired, wished for” and is said to have roots in Old English, German, and Old French.

4 Common Girl Names That Start With E

Some parents opt for common names, especially their daughter’s middle name. You might love Elizabeth as a classic choice, or even Eileen, which means “little bird, strength, desired.” Common or uncommon, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect E girl name for your new little bundle of joy.

1. Elizabeth — Hebrew in origin, this name means “God’s promise, God is my oath.”

2. Emily, Emille, or Emilee — Emily means “rival, laborious, eager” and has Latin roots.

3. Ellen — This name means “sunray, shining light” and is Greek.

4. Eileen — Eileen is a Gaelic name with many meanings, including “little bird” and “strength, desired.”

15 Rare Girl Names That Start With E

These rare E names for girls won’t appear on name lists often, but that’s precisely what many moms and dads seek! We love rare girl names like Elspeth, a variation of Elizabeth that means “God is my oath,” and Elara, meaning hazelnut or spear. Or how about Elele, a cute choice fitting for a chatty little girl? There are so many great choices!

1. Elspeth — Meaning “God is my oath, chosen by God,” this name is the Scottish form of Elizabeth.

3. Eres — Eres is a Welsh name that means “wonderful.”

4. Elettra — This name means “shining” and is said to have Greek and Italian roots.

5. Elen — Meaning “sunray, shining light,” this name is Greek in origin.

6. Esha — Meaning “full of life, alive,” this name is Indian in origin and is popular in Hindu culture.

7. Elele — A Hawaiian name that means “messenger, talkative.”

8. Elia — This name means “God has answered” and is Hebrew in origin.

9. Elara — Elara is a Greek name meaning “hazelnut” or “spear.”

10. Eilidh — Eilidh is the Gaelic form of Eleanor and means “sun ray or shining light.”

11. Elzie — Meaning “God helps,” this name has Hebrew roots.

12. Elva — This is an Irish name that means “leader of the elves.”

13. Eluned — A Welsh name that means “idol, image.”

14. Eloisa — German in origin, this name means “healthy.”

15. Euphelia — Euphelia is an alternative form of Ophelia, which means “to aid and help.” This name has Greek roots.

7 Vintage Girl Names That Start With E

Who doesn’t love vintage? Kids love throwbacks, and names are no different. Your little one will love growing up with an old-school classic like Estel or Eleanor.

1. Eleanor — With Greek and French roots, this beautiful girl’s name means “sunray, shining light.”

2. Eleonora — A Greek name meaning “shining light.”

3. Estel — This name means “star” and is of Latin origin.

4. Enid — Enid is a Welsh name that means “life, spirit, soul.”

5. Ethel — Meaning “noble,” Ethel is an Old English name.

6. Elora — This name has Hebrew roots and means “sun ray, light.”

7. Edna — Edna is a Hebrew name meaning “rejuvenation” and “delight.”

10 Cute Girl Names That Start With E

Everyone loves cute baby names, so we made sure to have some cute “E” girl names on our list. From Elise, which means “God’s promise,” to Essie, which means “star,” there’s no shortage of cute names for girls that start with “E.”

1. Ellera — Meaning “cheerful,” Ellera is of Italian origin.

2. Elysia — This name means “from the blessed isles” and derives from Greek mythology.

3. Elise — Elise means “God’s promise” and has French roots.

4. Emmie — A cute girl name that means “industrious,” Emmie is of Spanish origin.

5. Eviana — A Spanish name meaning “living one.”

6. Essie — This name is Persian and means “star.”

7. Elyce — Meaning “God is my oath,” this name is said to have French, Hebrew, and Welsh roots.

8. Emelita — This name is of German and Latin origin and means “industrious, rival, eager.”

9. Eliska —- A Hebrew name that means “pledged to God.”

10. Elidi — Meaning “gift of the sun,” this name is of Greek origin.

7 Badass Girl Names That Start With E

Can you already tell that your daughter will be a total badass? Better give her a strong name, then! These badass girl names that start with “E” reflect a sense of courage and power necessary if you’re a true badass.

1. Emory — A name of German origin that means “industrious, powerful.”

2. Eriel — Meaning “lioness of God,” this name has Hebrew roots.

3. Erryn — A name that means “exalted, strong” and is of English origin.

4. Everleigh — Everleigh is an English name that means “wild boar in a woodland clearing.”

5. Everild — An Old English name meaning “boar battle.”

6. Ebba — Meaning “the strength of a boar,” this name has German roots.

7. Everett — Everett is an English name that means “brave boar.”

16 Biblical Girl Names That Start With E

Looking for a religious name with biblical roots? How about Eve, which means “life or living”? Or Emanuela, which means “God is with us”? Here are some popular and beautiful biblical names for your daughter to pay homage to your religion.

1. Eve — A name of Latin and Hebrew origin that means “life, living.”

2. Eeva — A Hebrew name that means “life, living one.”

3. Eli — Meaning “high, elevated,” Eli is a Hebrew name.

4. Elliott or Eliott — This name has Hebrew, Greek, and English origins and means “the Lord is my God.”

5. Elise — Elise means “God’s promise” and has French roots.

6. Elísabet — Elísabet is of Hebrew origin and means “pledged to God.”

7. Elisha — This is a name of Hebrew origin that means “God is my salvation.”

8. Eliza — “Eliza” means “God is satisfaction.”

9. Esther or Ester — Meaning “star,” the book of Esther is the name of a biblical book of the Old Testament. The name Esther is Hebrew in origin.

10. Eden — A Hebrew name meaning “paradise.”

11. Edna — Edna is of Hebrew origin and means “rejuvenation” and “delight.”

12. Emanuela — This name means “God is with us” and has Hebrew roots.

13. Elianna — Meaning “God has answered,” this name has Hebrew roots.

14. Elyssa — Meaning “God is my oath,” Elyssa is of Greek and Hebrew origin.

15. Elisma — This lovely name means “grace of God” and originates in Afrikaans (African Dutch).

16. Eabha — The Irish form of Eve, meaning “life, living.”

12 Pretty Girl Names That Start With E

Some parents want a pretty “E” girl name — and if that sounds like you, we have a list for you. From more common names like Elaina, which means “shining light,” to rare choices like Eirian, which means “silver,” you can find the perfect pretty girl’s name here.

1. Evangelina — A name that means “good news” and is of Latin and Greek origin.

2. Emaline, Emaleen, or Emmaline — Meaning “peaceful home,” Emaline has Latin and German roots.

3. Elenna — Elenna means “bright, shining light” and is said to have roots in Spanish, Italian, German, and Greek.

4. Elisse — A Greek name that means “from the blessed isles.”

5. Elaina or Elana — Meaning “torch, shining light, sun-light,” Elaina is said to be Latin, French, and Greek in origin.

6. Elina or Eleena — Meaning “bright, light, torch,” Elina is Greek in origin.

7. Eavan — This is an Irish name that means “fair, beautiful.”

8. Elísabet — Elísabet is a Hebrew name that means “pledged to God.”

9. Emi — This is a beautiful name of Japanese origin that means “rival, beautiful favor, beautiful picture.”

10. Eirian— Meaning “silver,” this name has Welsh roots.

11. Emberly — A modern English name that means “low flame, spark.”

12. Essence — Meaning “the most significant element of a thing or person,” this is a modern American English name.

10 Gender-Neutral Names That Start With E

Not everyone wants a gender-specific name. Names like Ellison and Essex are super popular these days — and they work great for boys and girls. Here are some gender-neutral names we love that start with “E.”

1. Ellison — An English and Welsh name that means “son of Ellis” (Ellis meaning “kind, benevolent”).

2. Eliot — Eliot is a name with Hebrew, Greek, and English origins, meaning “the Lord is my God.”

3. Ellis — Meaning “kind, benevolent,” this name has Welsh roots.

4. Essex — Essex is an Old English name that means “eastern.”

5. Elton— Meaning “from the old town,” this name is of English origin.

6. Easton — Meaning “east town,” the name Easton has roots in English.

7. Emmett — This gender-neutral name means “universal truth” and is said to have roots in English, Hebrew, and Irish.

8. Egypt — Egypt means “temple of the soul of Ptah” and is of Greek origin.

9. Ender — This name means “extremely rare” and is originally Turkish.

10. Eisley — Meaning “cheerful,” this name has Swiss and German roots.

We hope this list of baby girl names that start with E has you and your partner feeling inspired and excited to choose that perfect name for your bundle of joy. Formore baby names, check out the names inspired by nature, flower names for girls, coolest girl names, badass girl names, and classic baby names– happy baby naming!

231 Baby Girl Names That Start With E (2024)
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