Drink this Mexican Old Fashioned a.k.a. "Corn on the Cob" for Hispanic Heritage Month (2024)

Drink this Mexican Old Fashioned a.k.a. "Corn on the Cob" for Hispanic Heritage Month (1)

(Editor’s note: This story was initially published on May 4 and has been updated for Mexican Independence Day on September 16.)

I’ll make this short and sweet, like the drink you should consume during Hispanic Heritage Month.

I am primarily a whiskey drinker. Sometimes it’s bourbon, sometimes it’s scotch. Sometimes it’s rye, sometimes it’s wheated. From Tennessee, Japan, France and California … doesn’t matter, I’m choosing whiskey.

So on this day, of all days, you'd think I’d deviate. Right? Not a chance.

Do me a favor and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. Canelo Alvarez is fighting on the 30th, the weather on the east and west coast is hovering in the 70s-80s and you deserve a sweet and stiff co*cktail, preferably one with just a few ingredients all from Mexico and the ability to DIY.

Recipe: Mexican Old Fashioned a.k.a Corn on the Cob

Drink this Mexican Old Fashioned a.k.a. "Corn on the Cob" for Hispanic Heritage Month (2)
  • Serve:An old fashioned or rocks glass

  • Garnish:Lemon or orange twist


    • 2.0 oz — Abasolo El Whisky de Mèxico (Balcones Blue Corn Whiskey will work here too)

    • 0.5 oz — Nixta Licor de Elote (corn liqueur — can go to 0.75 if you want a bolder taste)

    • 3 dashes of bitters

  • Make:Place the corn whiskey, Nixta and bitters in a mixing glass filled with ice and stir. Strain into a rocks glass filled with ice. Garnish with a lemon or orange twist.

A few things here.

  • This tastes like spiked sweet cornbread, and it’s dangerous to drink because the Abasolo is low-ish on ABV (86%) and the Nixta is basically alcoholic corn syrup. That’s not a negative, it’s delicious.

  • Again, I love DIY co*cktails. Any corn whiskey should run no more than $35. Nixta isn’t a common liqueur, so go to an actual liquor store or specialty spirit shop. And I know you have bitters, I have faith in you.

  • I wouldn’t classify this as a “Mexican” drink, but it’s elevating a classic co*cktail by using items of Mexico. It’s a fun drink, and it’s good that I can consume this compared to Cadillac margaritas with salt on the rim. (Okay, that does sound delicious…might have to make one)

By the way, there is a non-whiskey drink I’d recommend that still works in the lane of this co*cktail. How about a Mezcal Old Fashioned a.k.a. Our House co*cktail?

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Drink this Mexican Old Fashioned a.k.a. "Corn on the Cob" for Hispanic Heritage Month (2024)


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