Offline Marketing is Still Important


Having a strong online presence is something I urge my customers to participate in every day. I do fear that they might be taking the message too literally. A good marketing strategy is one that links up many different facets of your business. If I am in your store and browsing  – why not have a QR code nearby that will take me right to your Facebook page and ask for the “like” on the bottom of the image? Say “‘Like” our Facebook page and be notified when new stock arrives, for instance.

Local print ads

So the Symphony calls up and offers you a small ad in the Fall playbill – and it’s a good deal. Lots of people waiting for the performance to start or during intermission read the playbills. If you have a small space what do you do? Add the website address of course! I happened to see an ad one of my clients was working on and there was no web address. Missed opportunity! We added it right there and then.

Front Door Information is Important with Offline Marketing

Is the front door of your retail business accurate with the name and phone number of your business?  What about the website address? I can learn a lot about a  company by visiting their website. It lets me know things like – do they have an easy to use mobile version? Are their hours listed? Any specials I should know about? I wonder if there is a published menu I can download…… Either way, it gives me more information. Can I get that same information at your physical location?

When you are closed, it’s nice to give customers the information they seek – even if it’s just from your website address on the door. I had a retail business a few years back and the Christmas season was a big one for us. I always made sure to put a nice bag loaded with about 15 service menus in it  and then I’d hang it on the door knob to my business. So, after hours or on Sunday, if someone stopped by they picked up my menu. I always counted to see how many were taken! Don’t have your customers waste a trip – give them information.

Visa Receipts & Brochures

Any printed material should have your full business name, address, phone and of course the website address. What about Facebook and Twitter? Absolutely! It’s obvious to have the information printed on the brochure but what about the all important VISA receipt?

You are missing an opportunity to print out your web page in the area where people normally say “Thank you for your business!” Sneak it in there and ask for a testimonial as well.

Check-out Counter Signs assist with Offline Marketing

My clients have stickers on the back of their cash registers telling people that they are on Facebook and their Facebook url is If you don’t do this, but are telling people to FIND you on Facebook – well, frankly you have a better chance of running into your fourth grade teacher than you do having someone actually find your customers business on Facebook. Why? Facebook search is bad. It is like being on your grandparents house trying to access your email with dialup and a vga monitor. Don’t put customers through this – always write down the page name so they know it. There are so many businesses with similar names on Facebook – make it easy for them to visually see your Facebook Page name and remember it. (Or better yet, put your business card in their shopping bag because you have it printed on there too, right?)

These local offline marketing tactics are ways for you to slowly gain more traffic to  your website. Will it convert to business? Perhaps not right away, but the activity level on your website is very important. If someone is searching for your goods and services and Google is trying to determine which website to show first and which one to show 5th – the site with the more activity, active blog postings, higher traffic, more links pointing to it – that’s the site that shows up higher in the results. That’s the one  your clients will most likely click on – and you get the opportunity now to wow! them with your great website and impress them in such a way that they 1) call you for more information 2) go into your retail store to buy something or 3) make them sign up for your email newsletter and then you can market to them on a monthly basis without hoping they stop by the website again.

Inexpensive ink stamps help you with offline marketing

Did you know you can purchase an ink stamp at Office Max for less than $20 and you can put your website address on it – with your choice of fonts? It can be made right there for you on the spot – 20 minutes tops. So if the chatter in your brain says, “but I just spent $80 on new business cards with no website address” don’t worry. Just stamp it on.

Focus on the goal of making the sales needed to keep your business thriving. Find the tools needed to keep your marketing going forward and use them. It’s not always about online – even though that is key. Remember that offline marketing is still important!


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