How to build a Startup : Successful Startup Tip


Building your first startup is never as easy as it looks. There are lots of failure story of regrets in a startup as well as there are lots of successful startup story. Starting a new startup is always encouraged by the experts. But you need to be passionate, committed. While you are working for a new startup you will face lots of obstacles and problem, you have to solve them and make a clever move so that your path of success never gets knocked out. While there is a wide range of new startup story, there’s still a high rate of failure in a startup. Most of the failure occurs because of the proper planning and lack of future assumption. We have seen many ups and downs over the past few years, so we are going to discuss the tips over How to build a Startup Successful. So what’s the secret to building a successful startup?


If you put effort, time and money in a startup no one will able to break your success path. But if you launch a product then sit for the results nothing will happen. Most of the startup company does the same mistakes of waiting for the result. You have to think fast, take actions and make a faster move than others. Smartness is not making new idea smartness is you make the same idea but different approach from others. Let take a look on how to build a startup Successful.

In the first step, you have to dig deep to find a regular problem which can be solved with the engineering mind and support from innovation. It can be a new creative idea for the problem or you can also upgrade any existing problem which can be solved more easily by your solution. Try to find a common problem in the society which is interrupting the society.

Found the Problem? so now solve the problem. Try to find an easy solution to the problem. Remember one thing like you there are 100 more people are trying to solve the problem. So you have to come up with a unique and efficient idea which can be used for the good of people of society. You can start with making notes of the problem and their possible solutions. You can take suggestions from your friends and family cause often peoples gives a valuable idea with having any kind of knowledge from it.

Almost & 0% of the startup companies make the same mistake which often occurs the failure of their startup. you have to analyze the problem and find the validation of that problem. You have to make the calculation of the need for your product. If it doesn’t have very much market demand than don’t go for it. Cut the crap, Move to another idea.

First, decide on which platform you want to work for. Cause there might be 100 roads to your destination but you have stuck with one road and give full effort on it. So make a clever move.

Try to follow 4 Step everytime in your life-

* What to do
* how to do it
* when to do
* The reason for the effort
* Time assumption

#Develop The Idea

The development of the idea is a crucial part of the startup. Build what people will love after 10 years later also. Never try to make it short, find an easier but effective solution. You have to keep many things in your mind to make the startup successful. Pay attention to the regular problem that makes your path difficult to solve them and move forward.

For a successful idea, you have to keep these things in mind –

* Durability
* Trustworthiness
* sustainability
* These are the most important factor in developing an idea.

One of the keys to success is understanding the market and assumption of making the worth of product in the market. If you don’t know the main features and its problems in the market, I bet this startup will go in vain. Never start a project without having any idea of it. Stay with your knowledge, belief in yourself. Remember hard work and effort is the key to success.

You have to react faster in the change of the market. Nothing stays forever. you have to find the whole and seal it with another solution or modification. React faster in the change of market and this will make you successful in the startup stay longer. Keep in mind that you have to be creative with your idea.

Remember one thing if your team is happy then they will make you happier. Try to make team as small as possible, it will help you to communicate with everyone. Every member of your team should have a determination to make this project valuable in the market. You have to make a vision and share it with your team.

For a successful startup try to keep in mind that-

These people can make any startup successful. So make yourself fit for this picture and develop your skills according to peoples need and demand. This is an element of how to build a Startup successful.

Success never comes in a day. You have to earn it. If you read the success story of others you will learn that it took years of work, dedication and effort to reach in that position. You can’t be a millionaire without working day and night. Earn it then you can enjoy your reward. Apple was founded in 1976 but it got the market in 1984. And it started to generate revenue from the 90s. As an entrepreneur, you have to know the difference between a great idea and great company. So never give up when your time is going tough for you. Give more effort and success will come.

There is a proverb that ” No Risk No Gain “. SO achieve the gain you have to go for the risk. Risk should not frighten you or hamper your way of the road. Try to maintain these things carefully –

* Market Risk: Find if there is any risk of the product in the market. Will people pay for it? do they need it? How much demand it has? What is the market value of your Product? Analysis your competitor carefully. Find there weak point and make your move.
* Product Risk: Another top priority of a startup is product risk. The feature of your product value does it create new problems or solve the existing problem. Does it have any extra feature and do people need it?
* Team Experience Risk: it is impossible for one person to cope up with all the problem which occurs during a startup. So You need to have a strong team which can handle any circumstances in your absence. Your team need to have specialities and experience as well.
* Financial risk: Most of the startup stops there journey for lack of finance. So it is one the major concern if you are up for a startup. Make you finance strong and keep a backup for any kind of fall in near future. Remember in business there is always ups and down and you have to support your company at that time. Try to find some investors, venture funds or family support. It is most important to find the boundaries of your business when you are starting a startup.
* Copycats Risk: People will copy your idea and product and try to generate revenue from it. There is always a risk from the competitors that they will copy your product. So careful when you are sharing your idea with others.



You can’t be successful overnight. For this, you have to work day and night. Every step of your next move is important for a successful startup. Follow the instructions on How to build a Startup successful.Then Make a plan, make the strategy. If possible take experts suggestions. Cause experience matters. And you will find many successful startup companies who have started from nothing. Try to connect with them. Always keep in mind that success of a new product is a gamble. Its all about how you are increasing the odds of winning. You have figure how to guarantee your success and make the maximum use of the opportunities you have. In the end, NEVER GIVE UP.

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