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Blogging can be very frustrating! Picking a Domain that is easy, but to get your Blogging Site on the First Page Of Google was the key! First, choose a domain name that is 2, 3 or 4 words with your keyword in the domain name. Make sure you have 10 to 15 good strong keywords.

For example- Let’s say you want to go into the Travel niche. If you use Google Keyword Planner Tool you can do monthly searches to determine what keywords are hot! Use keywords that have 10,000 monthly searches or more. You will not have to pay the price indicated on Google Keyword Planner Tool to use that keyword when someone clicks on your site, unless that is the keyword you are trying to rank for on your site. You have to pay when you choose a particular keyword to rank for and what ever the price of that keyword is, that’s what you pay per click.

Let’s use the niche ‘Travel.’ For example ‘Travel’ may have a price of $15.35 every time someone clicks on that keyword. But if you use subcategories like- Travel Agency, Travel Packages, Learn to Travel to xxxxx.


Subcategory prices may be less expensive (like under $1.00 per click instead of $15.35 per click) for your Domain name and easier to rank. Try to find a keyword that has a low or medium competition rate. With high and some medium competition rates it will be hard to get on page one because the big dogs are advertising there like Walmart, Target, Best Buy.

Choose your keyword, then go to the site of that keyword and look at your competition. Using keywords helps to rank on page one even with 796 million or 1 billion ads!

So, now you have your 10 to 15 keywords. You need to look at Domain names. Choose any 2, 3 or 4 words of your choice, but make sure that Domain is not taken already. To see if that Domain name is available, do a Google search using that domain name. If it comes back “not found,” or “no searches found” than that Domain may be available. is not available. The best choices are .com, .org, and .net. Have a couple Domain names ready just in case the first one is not available. Don’t use hyphens. Examples of Domains-


After you get your Domain name, you are ready to use those 10 to 15 keywords to help your ranking. Make sure you use your keyword in the Domain name, title, description, and body of your article content. If you are using (hosting site) or (free site) you can use “All In One SEO Pack” to help with your ranking using title, description and keywords. If you use a different free blog site you may want to contact them and ask what plugin they use for title, description and keywords?

OK, so we have the Domain name and our keywords entered into our Blog’s Domain, Title, Description and Keywords box sections. Your new blog site should look something like this-


Description-MGM Travel Agency offers fantastic trips, airfare and hotel packages. (You can use 25 words for Google in the Description box for search engines to locate your blogging site).

Keywords- travel, travel agency, travel packages, travel to Hawaii, travel to New York (what ever keywords you choose).


Secondly, use your keywords strength to get your site on page one. You can change keywords, and add keywords. Do a Google search for your keyword and look at the highlighted words on the sites pages. Add those keywords to your site.

Example do a Google search “Travel.” Note the highlighted areas on that page for your keyword “Travel.” Examples of Domain names-


MGM Travel



If the keyword you are ranking for is ‘Travel Agency’ it will be highlighted like the domain names above. If you notice other words highlighted like ‘Travels,’ ‘Travel Fare,’ or ‘Travel Package,’ then make sure those highlighted words are included in your keywords.


You can also look at the bottom of the page on Google and it will show you related searches like ‘Travelers,’ ‘Travel Zoo,’ ‘Travel Insurance,’ ‘Travel Agency,’ and add those keywords that are related to your site. You will also note has neither the keyword ‘Travel Agency’ in the domain (Travel Agency being the keyword) nor the description, so this site may be on page 20 instead of page one or two.


REMEMBER- keywords are the key to page one initially. It used to be the more keywords you have the better. Now with Google’s new algorithm things have changed. You need fewer keywords but stronger keywords. If you are on page two or three than you are almost there! Keep trying different keywords till you get it right. Try long tail keywords like- Travel Agency Discounts, Travel Agency Packages. Getting your Blogging Site on the first page of Google can be done by keyword strength.


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