5 of the Most Innovative Pet Toys

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Image via: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/2d/Blue_dog_bone_toy.JPG/1024px-Blue_dog_bone_toy.JPG

Pets are a huge part of the family and you want to see them happy, just like you’d want to see any other family member happy. Bringing home great treats or a new toy is one way to perk up your bored pup. For those with inquisitive dogs, sometimes the standard ball or chew toy doesn’t cut it. They need an interactive toy that is mentally stimulating. Luckily pet owners are also innovators and have come up with some really great toys. Here are five of the most innovative pet toys.

AFP Interactive Food Maze

The All for Paws Interactive feeding dish isn’t exactly a toy, but dogs can have fun with it nonetheless. The dish is designed to accomplish a few things. The first, is obviously, to feed your dog. However, it also is great for dogs that have a tendency to eat too fast. The puzzle makes them slow down their eating, helping to prevent overeating or eating too quickly which can cause some digestive issues. Finally, it also is a form of mental stimulation. Your dog will have to do some work to get access to their meal rather than lopping up a pile from a standard bowl.

Kong Classic

It doesn’t have lights and doesn’t launch treats, but the Kong Classic is a simple, yet innovative treat toy. Fill this tough, durable toy with treats and watch your dog figure out how to get them out. This innovative toy can keep dogs occupied for hours.

Pet Snack Launcher

Honestly, this toy might be just as much fun for you as it is for your dog. Load up this gadget with small treats, pull the trigger, and watch them fly! You’ll have your dog or cat running all over claiming their airborne prizes.

Catch the Mouse

The Catch the Mouse cat toy is pretty much the TV show “Tom and Jerry” in real life. Except Tom, your cat, has a bit more of an advantage in this situation. Regardless, this motion cat toy has a wobbly, enticing mouse at the top and a rolling ball contained within the donut shaped structure. The ball has some beads within it to make noise to really draw your cat’s attention.


This interactive toy can preoccupy your curious pooch for a long time. The circular toy contains a number of movable panels in which you can hide treats under. Your dog has to move the panels around to access the hidden cache of goodies.

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