When is the best time to start training your dog?

Best Time to Start Training Your Dog

When it comes to training your dog, there really is no bad time to get started. Generally, you can start training a puppy as soon as you take them home. The only situation in which you might hold off on training, is if the puppy still has not been weaned from the mother. Even though you can start training immediately, when is the best time to start training your dog?

Early Morning

Your dog will have some morning routines it will need to do. It will need to relieve itself, eat, and have some time to explore or exercise. This is a great time to get some training in. Prior to bringing your dog outside to relieve itself, simply have your dog sit and/or lie down before opening the door. This will help reinforce in your dog that it needs to be let out of the house and that it doesn’t have free will to just run out of the door.

Before setting your dog’s bowl of food out, run through some training exercises such as sitting, lying down, staying, or giving you paw.

When Your Dog Performs a Desirable Action

Training your dog throughout the day doesn’t need to involve a complete setup or specified training period. If you have a new dog, just pay attention to its normal actions. When it performs an action that you as the owner desires, reward your dog with a treat.

For example, most owners like it when their dog lies down and relaxes. When your dog does this, reward it by giving it a treat. If they go willingly into their crate, reward it with a treat. The goal is for your dog to offer these behaviors to you more often.

When Your Dog Needs to Expel Energy

There will be periods throughout the day that your dog needs to expel some excess energy. These are great times for a walk and training. A walk or other type of exercise will help physically stimulate your dog. You can incorporate training elements to your walk such as sitting and waiting until you start walking again. You can also work on “heel” and other leash-based commands.

Training your dog while it has excess energy also helps to stimulate your dog mentally. Mental stimulation will tire out your dog. Your dog wants to please you and it knows that completing a desired action will please you. So your dog will be working its brain to the max to try and give you a desired behavior, thus expelling a lot of pent up energy.

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