Proper Dog Bathing: Why Camp Diego Is Above The Rest

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If you ask us who provides the best dog bath in Southern California, we’re going to point two thumbs at ourselves. Now, we’re not about boasting, but we do know that there is a proper way and a lazy way to give a dog a bath.

We prefer to use the proper and thorough way. Dog hygiene is extremely important to the overall health of your dog and something as remedial as bathing shouldn’t be the cause of illness for your pup. … Continue reading

Dog Bathing Basics: What We Check At Camp Diego

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Bathing your dog should involve more than throwing them in the tub and rinsing them or spraying them down with a hose. Dogs get dirty. There is absolutely no denying that. Dirt, sand, mud, bugs, and more all ingrain themselves in a dog’s fur or hair. … Continue reading

Should Your Large Dog Be Kept With Other Large Dogs In A Kennel?

Dog owners often wonder if their small or large dogs are compatible with dogs of different sizes. The truth is that it is not the size of the dog that matters, it is the temperament. Any dog can get along with any other sized dog or they can also be aggressive towards dogs their same size.

When kenneling your dog, you are putting your trust in other people to keep your dog safe and happy. You are also putting your trust in other dog owners, with the hopes that they have raised their dog to be sociable.

As stated, the size of the dog does not matter in terms of sociability. The dog’s temperament is what controls how well they get along with other dogs. However, when kenneling your dog, large dogs should be placed with other large dogs. This should be done for a couple of reasons. … Continue reading

5 Steps to a Well-Groomed Dog

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Dog owners can attest to the endearing character traits their canine friends exhibit. Perhaps first among these is loyalty. Many stories of loyal dogs have been in the news in recent years. From lost dogs braving incredible hardship and covering great distances to reunite with their families to heart-wrenching video of dogs refusing to leave the gravesides of departed owners, it’s impossible to deny the deep sense of loyalty and connection that make dogs the favorite companions of so many. … Continue reading

The Difference Between Dog Daycare and a Kennel

Pet owners will often hear the words “dog daycare” and “kennel” being used when it comes time to select a place for their furry friend to stay when they can’t be with him. Many people are confused and think of these two terms as being one and the same, but there are actually some big differences between them.
What is Dog Daycare?

Dogs have a natural need to be social. When left home alone, they tend to become anxious. That energy inside of them builds up with no place to go. The result is an overly excited pet that is hard to control once their parent arrives home at the end of the day.

While a kennel is simply a caged area where you can board an animal, dog daycare provides pets a chance to play with other dogs while being supervised. Owners can drop off their dog in the morning and pick them up on their way home each evening.

Dogs are placed in groups according to their temperament and size. This means an older dog who just wants to rest in the sun is placed with similar pets rather than energetic pups. Each dog gets to enjoy a full day of play with a lunch and rest break in the afternoon. When the owners arrive at the end of the day, they have a happily satisfied pooch to take home.

Extended Stays

Kennels provide boarding for extended stays, but the animal gets very little exercise as they are confined to one small area. They also get much less human contact then they may be used to. Although these facilities can be top notch, dog daycare can provide much needed socializing.

When staying on, dog daycare continues the concept that socializing is important. This is especially true when separated from their owners for longer lengths of time. Each dog gets to join in the supervised play groups during the day. In addition, they will be given exercise and play time with plenty of attention from the humans each evening.

How to Spot a Good Daycare

A good dog daycare will ask for proof of vaccines such as DHPP, rabies, and bordetella. The dog will also be screened for aggression and behavior problems in order to keep a safe environment. A veterinarian should also be on call 24 hours a day in case of emergencies. The areas where the dog sleeps needs to be clean and sanitized, and the facility needs to be staffed around the clock. Each dog will be fed their regular foods and be administered any medications they are currently on. Any reputable dog daycare will be providing all of these features.

When to Start Thinking about Dog Daycare

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If you own a pet, and particularly a dog, there is a good chance you have had to hire a pet sitter or ask someone else to take care of your faithful friend before. But there is another option: Dog daycare.  It is a relatively new concept – it really only got started in the 1990s – and it is based on the same idea as daycare for human children.  Just because you are at work doesn’t mean that your dog stops being dependent on you; he or she still needs tender loving care!  With dog daycare, you drop your pup off at a place specifically set up to take care of them in the morning and pick them up once you are off work. … Continue reading