How to Determine Whether to Take Your Dog On Vacation With You

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dog on vacation


There aren’t too many people who dislike vacations. There also aren’t too many people that dislike having pets. So when those two attributes cross, the love of vacations and the love of pets, there can often be an internal conundrum. So how should you determine whether to take your dog on vacation with you or not? Here are a few things to consider when you are stuck in this predicament.


Put Them First

The first thing we need to make clear, is that their interests should be put first. Would coming with you make them happier, or would they be happier in the comfort of their home? This might make your decision extremely easy, or you might have the type of dog that is happy no matter what. The point is, you shouldn’t take this decision lightly and should always consider their feelings and safety first.


Their Disposition

One of the main factors to consider when deciding whether or not to take your dog on your trip is to really think about your dog’s disposition. If you have a very fearful or anxious dog when they are outside of their comfort zone, taking them along on the trip might be traumatic for them. They will either have to sit in a car for a long period of time or sit cooped up in a cage in a plane for a long time. That can be an extremely stressful situation for even the happiest of dogs, let alone one that needs a strict routine. If your dog is an adventurer, they might do just fine regardless of how they get to where you are going. There’s always that carefree dog that is comfortable no matter where they are. So take a good hard look at your dog’s personality and determine which would make them more comfortable.


Your Options

Another factor to consider is the options that you have. If you decide to bring your dog on vacation with you, they will either be in the car with you or in storage on the plane. The former choice, a car ride, is very doable for a lot of dogs. However the latter, the plane storage, brings up horror stories from a number of airlines. Airlines have generally gotten better at taking care of your four-legged friend, but they are by no means perfect and you are leaving your dog in the mercy of strangers.

If you are considering leaving them home, you typically can have relatives or a friend watch them, put them up in a dog boarding facility, or hire a pet sitter. If you can get a familiar face to pet sit for you, that’s great! Unfortunately that’s not always a feasible option. Dog boarding facilities can be great if your dog is comfortable in that situation and the dog boarding facility is of high quality. Pet sitters are a great option but are by no means cheap. There are also different types, ones that let your dog out a few times per day, and ones that stay at your house.

You have to determine what options you have at your disposal and which of those options you are comfortable with.


Type of Trip

Finally, you also want to consider the type of trip you are going on. If you are planning on going on a trip filled with relaxing spa days, indoor shopping, and other activities that generally are not pet friendly, it might be a good idea to leave them at home. If you are going on a trip filled with outdoor activities like hiking or camping, this could be a great time to bring your dog since they can partake in the fun. Again, it all comes down to what will make your dog happiest.

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