Important questions to ask your dog bather

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If you have a new dog or are taking your dog to the dog bather or groomer for the first time, there are definitely some questions you should get answers to. Just like any other service professional, not all dog bathers are equal. You’ll want to feel as comfortable as possible leaving your dog in the care of a relative stranger. Here are some important questions to ask your dog bather.

What experience and certifications do you have?

The dog bather should be able to easily answer this question. The more years of experience, generally, the better they should be. That doesn’t mean a new professional isn’t as good or even better than an experience professional, but experience is usually an asset. Additionally, dog groomers can get certifications which require certain competencies and skills. There are a number of these certification organizations out there and it’s best to get bathers who have some form of certification.

What breeds do you specialize in?

You want to ask this question because bathing and grooming differs between breeds. For example, some dog breeds have hair others have fur. Bathing and grooming practices will be different. Some dogs have certain areas that need to be cleaned, such as the wrinkles of a bulldog’s face. Every breed is different and knowing which ones your bather is experienced with can help you make your choice.

Can I see the facilities and view a grooming?

If the dog bather won’t let you visit and view their facilities, that is a serious red flag. This process should be totally transparent. A lot of dog groomers will actually have viewing windows to show people what their grooming process looks like. It’s best if you can watch your dog being groomed, at least the first time.

What types of products do you use?

Dog bathers should be able to show you the exact product they use for your breed of dog. You want to make sure they aren’t using any harsh chemical because this could cause skin irritation on your dog. In addition, there are different types of dryers for dogs. There are heated dryers and recirculated air dryers. The former is generally worse, as it could cause heat related conditions is certain breeds.

What services are included in your pricing packages and how long does bathing take?

This final question isn’t so much for your dog’s wellbeing as it is for your wallet’s. The dog bather should be up front with exactly what services will be performed for what dollar amount. They should also be able to give you a general timeframe for how long the grooming process will take.

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